I Tried A Hand Held Red Light Therapy Device – Baby Quasar

Here’s what I’m obsessed with right now- the Baby Quasar. 

This compact handheld led light therapy device uses 4 wavelengths of red and infrared light to increase collagen and hyaluronan (you know it as hyaluronic acid). 

The Baby Quasar is a consumer product to be used in your home.

It’s FDA accepted, recommended by dermatologists, and is so easy to use that even I can maneuver it.

Plug it into the nearest outlet, hold it close to the face and turn it on. The lights pulse in either low or high frequency. There are instructions that are simple to follow and a picture to illustrate how to go around the face.

The recommended usage is 2-3 times a week for 24 minutes each time. I did not use this for the full twenty-four minutes. Mostly because I don’t have a spare 24 minutes to hold it, however, I have been using it and each time, my skin is left feeling soft and looking rosy. I feel like I glow!

Ideally, you could use this right before heading out for a  big night on the town, or if you’re like me, a trip to Red Robin for dinner.

I’m going to keep using this product because I’ve heard wonderful things about light treatments and know that with continued use, my fine lines will be less pronounced, wrinkles won’t be as obvious and my giant crater pores will decrease in size, all of which will result in me looking like I’m twenty one again!

No, but I will have better skin.

After I wash my face thoroughly, I smooth on a bit of serum (the kit comes with a sample of Pure Silk which is wonderful) and go over my face with the Baby Quasar indicated by the directions. 

As I said, it’s easy to use and the longer you can use it, the better the results will be for you and your skin.

Products like this make me so happy. I never go out for a facial or manicure or even hair color.

I do everything at home and being able to give myself a good facial at home using this handheld light therapy device makes me so happy.