how to improve lymphatic drainage

How to Improve Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Have you been wondering how to improve lymphatic drainage with a DIY facial massage? In this article, we share some tips and techniques you can use to help you improve lymphatic drainage with a facial-at-home. Grab your favorite beauty tool (like a Gha Sha tool) and incorporate a 5-10 minute lymphatic drainage massage into your facial at-home routine.

I just started including a lymphatic drainage facial massage, trying out different beauty tools and accessories, into my nighttime facial at-home skincare regimen 1-2 a week, and I’m loving it.

Did you know there are 42 individual facial muscles in the face?

Each muscle working so hard all day long… creating facial expressions to communicate all of your emotions to the world…

That’s a lot of work! 😉

Recently I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a post of a face with sections of the face labeled as different parts of the body along with some information about lymphatic drainage and facial massage. 

It caught my eye because the concept the image in the post was describing was that I could reduce eye bags and dark circles from massaging my face and neck… this is definitely an area where I need help!

From the original post I saw, I began to read about how to improve lymphatic drainage and the correlation between skin and clogged lymphs. 

This led me to learning how to improve lymphatic drainage and about the many benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. 

I find the connections between our skin health and body function to be fascinating!

If I can avoid needles and surgery to improve my skin’s health and appearance, I’m more than happy to learn.  I’ve been busy researching how to improve lymphatic drainage plus the facial tools needed.

Giving yourself a lymphatic drainage massage isn’t really too difficult and you can give yourself a quick lymphatic drainage facial massage in just a few minutes, if you are in a hurry.

A few minutes a day to massage the skin on the face and neck, and you will see a difference.

For me, I’ve been dealing with puffy eyes and thought my puffy eyes were related to the sinus headaches I have been experiencing a lot of lately, but the puffiness around my eyes may very well be due to clogged lymphs in the neck.

Which Beauty Tool is Best For Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage?

Beauty tools can really enhance to experience and improve the results of any facial treatment you attempt at home. Picking the right beauty tool or skincare device for whatever facial or treatment you do can help you see better results and quicker.

But, with many things that are related to skin care, remember that everyone is different and everyone’s skin is unique so what works for some, may not always be best for someone else.

You can try out a few different beauty tools to use for lymphatic drainage massages to see which feels best for you. I’ve been loving using a simple Gua Sha tool for my lymphatic facials.

How To Improve Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

How to Improve Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage
Total Time Needed: 10 minutes

Required Tools:

- Facial Oil or Cream
- Hands
- Optional: Facial Tool i.e. Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Steps for Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Step 1 : Get Comfortable & Relax
You can perform a lymphatic drainage facial massage in any position you are most comfortable in.

You may sit, stand, or lie down.

I suggest being in front of a mirror for your first few lymphatic drainage massages to help you see what you are doing, but it's totally your decision.

It's important to only perform a facial drainage massage on clean skin with clean hands.

Start by placing the palms of your hands on your stomach and take a few deep breaths.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 2 : Front of Your Neck
To get the drainage started, with your index finger and middle finger, place the flats of your fingers on either side of your neck, just above your collarbone.

*you can do one side at a time or cross your hands to do both sides simultaneously.

Gently massage down and inwards toward your collarbone.

If doing both sides at the same time, think of your fingers making 2 letter 'J's facing each other.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 3 : Prepare Your Underarm Lymph Nodes
This step prepares the lymph nodes under your arm to take in lymph fluid from your face and neck drainage.

Place your arm so it's slightly raised and supported.

With the palm of your hand placed in your armpit, gently pull up and in toward your body and then release.

Repeat 5 times.

Repeat the same pull up and in pumping of your other underarm.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 4 : Back of Your Neck
Place the palms of your hands on the sides of your neck so your fingers meet in the middle of the back of your neck, just below your hairline.

Gently massage your skin in towards your spine and then down towards your back.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 5: Front of Your Ears
Place fingertips on your cheeks, closest to front of your ears.

Gently massage downward.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 6: Back of Your Ears
Place fingertips on the bone behind your ears.

Gently massage downward.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 7: Chin
Place 2 fingers at the middle of your chin.

Gently massage out and downwards from your chin to ears across your jawline.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 8: Upper Lip Area
Place 2 fingers just below your nostrils.

Gently massage out and downwards from your upper lip to your ears.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 9: Cheeks
Place fingers on your cheeks.

Gently massage downward and out from the sides of your nose to your ears.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 10: Inner Eye
Gently with 2 fingers starting at your inner eye, massage outwards and down along your nose to your ears.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 11: Sides of Your Face
Using your full hands on the sides of your face, palms on cheeks and fingertips on your temples, gently massage downwards.
Step 12: Under Your Eyes
Place fingertips under your eyes and very gently massage downwards.
Step 13: Eyebrows
Place your fingertips on your eyebrows.

Gently massage up and outwards.

Repeat 5 times.
Step 14: Forehead
Place the palm of your hand over your temples so your full hand is on your forehead.

Gently massage out and downwards towards your ears.

How Do I Improve Lymphatic Drainage?

Make sure to apply gentle pressure for lymphatic drainage facial massage. If your skin appears pink or redness is visible after your massage, you might have been applying too much pressure.  

And of course, if you experience any pain or discomfort, seek professional assistance.

I’ve been able to greatly improve the results of my own lymphatic drainage facials by incorporating facial beauty tools and devices.

I switch between using a rose quartz roller and Gua Sha tool for my at-home lymphatic drainage massages. I the small roller end of my rose quartz roller around my eyes and it feels so good!

I try to get in 5-15 minute massages a few times a week for best results.

The key is to be consistent and really take your time when doing any sort of facial or skincare treatment at home, in order to see real improvements. 

I love using a Knours. – Sweet Enough Rescue Mask after a good facial massage.  These EWG Verified hydrating, age-defying facial sheet masks make my skin feel super smooth and rejuvenated.