Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart

Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart was a quick read thanks to the thread of mystery that runs throughout this book. Beautifully written and sympathetic characters, this novel is full of family secrets. I really enjoyed it and think you will too!
Bad news, it’s not due out until around Thanksgiving. Good news, you can add to your Goodreads list or pre-order now!
Here’s what you need to know: 
I have something for you. When Quinn Cruz receives that cryptic text message from her older sister Nora, she doesn’t think much of it. They haven’t seen each other in nearly a year and thanks to Nora’s fierce aloofness, their relationship consists mostly of infrequent phone calls and an occasional email or text. But when a haunted Nora shows up at the lake near Quinn’s house just hours later, a chain reaction is set into motion that will change both of their lives forever.
Nora’s “something” is more shocking than Quinn could have ever imagined: a little girl, cowering, wide-eyed, and tight-lipped. Nora hands her over to Quinn with instructions to keep her safe, and not to utter a word about the child to anyone, especially not their buttoned-up mother who seems determined to pretend everything is perfect. But before Quinn can ask even one of the million questions swirling around her head, Nora disappears, and Quinn finds herself the unlikely caretaker of a girl introduced simply as Lucy.
While Quinn struggles to honor her sister’s desperate request and care for the lost, scared Lucy, she fears that Nora may have gotten involved in something way over her head—something that will threaten them all. But Quinn’s worries are nothing compared to the firestorm that Nora is facing. It’s a matter of life and death, of family and freedom, and ultimately, about the lengths a woman will go to protect the ones she loves.
I’m reading this one now, You Were There Before My Eyes by Maria Riva. I love books about immigrants in the early 1900s so naturally, I was swept up in this story from the first page!
I’m only about 1/4 the way through so I don’t have a fully formed opinion but I like it a lot so far thanks to the rich details of the setting and characters.
Sweeping and panoramic, You Were There Before My Eyes is the epic and intimate story of a young woman who chafes at the stifling routine and tradition of her small, turn-of-the-century Italian village. When an opportunity presents itself for her to emigrate to America, her hunger for escape compels her to leave everything behind for the gleaming promises await her and her young husband in Mr. Ford’s factories.
Determined to survive, and perhaps even thrive, young Jane finds herself navigating not just a new language and country, but a world poised upon the edge of economic and social revolution—and war. As Jane searches for inner fulfillment while building a young family, the tide of history ebbs and flows.
From the chaos of Ellis Island to the melting pot of industrial Detroit, You Were There Before My Eyes spills over with colorful characters and vivid period details. Maria Riva paints an authentic portrait of immigrant America and poignantly captures the ever evolving nature of the American dream.
If you enjoy books about immigrants you will probably like these books too: Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan, When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt,   A Memory of Violets: A Novel of London’s Flower Sellers by Hazel Gaynor, The Birth House by Ami McKay.

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