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Reading Series: The Hope Chest, Formation of America

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week!


All The Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale was a quick read thanks to the page turning story about Molly Brennan and her young daughter Cassie, who has inherited the family “gift” of seeing glimpses of the future. The only problem is that Cassie’s sightings are often scary, keeping her up for days until what she has predicted comes to pass.

Molly heads back to her grandmother’s house hoping  “Nana Mary” can help since she has the same psychic abilities. But back at home, she is confronted by her past and must learn to come to terms with her own issues including a former love and guilt over a tragic accident.

When Cassie has a nightmare where she sees Molly dying, Molly knows she needs to get things in order in case Cassie’s vision comes true. But maybe she can do something to change the course of her life and Cassie’s too?

I read this book in record time because I wanted to see how everything would play out!

I am so excited to read The Hope Chest by Viola Shipman. I read The Charm Bracelet and enjoyed it so I am very hopeful that this novel will be good too.
Here is the synopsis:

Ever since she was diagnosed with ALS, fiercely independent Mattie doesn’t feel like herself. She can’t navigate her beloved home, she can’t go for a boat ride, and she can barely even feed herself. Her devoted husband, Don, doesn’t want to imagine life without his wife of nearly fifty years, but Mattie isn’t likely to make it past their anniversary.

But when Rose, Mattie’s new caretaker, and her young daughter, Jeri, enter the couple’s life, happiness and the possibility for new memories return. Together they form a family, and Mattie is finally able to pass on her memories from the hope chest she received from her mother.

With each item—including a favorite doll, family dishes, an embroidered apron, and an antique Christmas ornament—the hope chest connects Mattie, Don and Rose to each other and helps them find hope again in the face of overwhelming life challenges.

1980’s? Coming of age story? Misfits? Sign me up. I cannot wait to read this novel,  The Impossible Fortress, it’s next to be read on my Kindle. I love a good, quirky story that takes place in the eighties, there are far too few out there!

Here’s what you need to know:
The Impossible Fortress begins with a magazine…The year is 1987 and Playboy has just published scandalous photographs of Vanna White, from the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune. For three teenage boys—Billy, Alf, and Clark—who are desperately uneducated in the ways of women, the magazine is somewhat of a Holy Grail: priceless beyond measure and impossible to attain. So, they hatch a plan to steal it.

The heist will be fraught with peril: a locked building, intrepid police officers, rusty fire escapes, leaps across rooftops, electronic alarm systems, and a hyperactive Shih Tzu named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Failed attempt after failed attempt leads them to a genius master plan—they’ll swipe the security code to Zelinsky’s convenience store by seducing the owner’s daughter, Mary Zelinsky. It becomes Billy’s mission to befriend her and get the information by any means necessary.  But Mary isn’t your average teenage girl.  She’s a computer loving, expert coder, already strides ahead of Billy in ability, with a wry sense of humor and a hidden, big heart.  But what starts as a game to win Mary’s affection leaves Billy with a gut-wrenching choice: deceive the girl who may well be his first love or break a promise to his best friends.


I was completely intrigued with Cathy O’Brien’s story after seeing some videos of her on YouTube recently. She is a survivor of MK Ultra mind control and other strange and horrifying experiences that sound like something out of a horror movie. 

Her book is pretty unbelievable and shocking for many reasons; she was subject to being a sex slave to many top level politicians and subsequently tortured and treated inhumanely. 

I have a good imagination but some of what she talks about sounds like its fiction, yet other survivors of ritual abuse and mind control have similar accounts of their past.

This is what I posted to Goodreads: 

I’m not even sure what to believe with this book. It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that President Reagan was into pornography / bestiality or that both Presidents Bush had sex slaves like Cathy service them. Politicians seem to be the most criminal and corrupt group of sickos if what Cathy writes is true.

Also, she mentions Jimmy Buffett, Kris Kristofferson, and Lee Greenwood as working with the CIA…so much is just hard to even fathom. It seems like all politicians are into really awful sex acts and will use women like Cathy and harm them in the sickest, violent, most terrible of ways. How can this be real? That being said, I had to skim over the more detailed of her experiences with torture because it was so hard to read!

Interestingly, she does mention politicians striving for a one world government and it’s very scary to see how things are unfolding in the world now.
I am curious to see what other people think about this book!

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