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When I saw Peter Swanson was coming out with a new book, all I could think was, “LET ME READ THIS IMMEDIATELY” because I love nothing more than a great novel and he is a most brilliant writer. And All The Beautiful Lies did not disappoint. Typically a writer will pen a fantastic novel and then the subsequent ones don’t live up to that first one. Not so here. Every single book is a treasure. If you are a fan of tightly spun suspense, Peter Swanson is your guy.
All The Beautiful Lies centers around the present time, or the now, when young Harry is home in Maine for his father’s funeral. His dad died under mysterious circumstances and Harry is perplexed. The then part of the book focuses on Harry’s beautiful stepmother Alice, a troubled young woman whose past is the key to what happened to Harry’s dad, but as a reader, you keep asking how? why? is this going to tie together? Is there a link or is the author trying to throw us off the trail?
I can’t write anymore because you need to be as captivated as I was while reading this book. I stayed up late and read for three solid hours then woke up the next morning and finished it.
HIGHLY recommended. Due out on April 3, 2018.
From the description, I knew I’d love Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson and when I read the reviews, I felt this book was for me. I am going to start it after I finish White Bodies.
I love to read so much, I don’t  understand when people tell me they don’t like to read. HOW do you not love being pulled into another world, another life, story, place, time? I am an obsessive reader (and writer). I get super excited by even the descriptions of books like this one. Check it out:
Check it out:
Eleven-year-old Willow’s marrow burns with the friction of having to navigate the two homes of her newly divorced parents when all she truly wants is to be with her mother Rosie. Rosie makes everything shine brighter and makes Willow feel special, feel loved…until Rosie’s own demons begin to surface and overtake her.
As Willow struggles to make sense of her world of extreme love and extreme loneliness, she learns how sometimes all the love in the world is not enough to save someone, no matter how hard one wishes for it… how the human heart can bend and break, but how it can also heal and is resilient enough to love again.

I didn’t know what White Bodies by Jane Robins was about when I started it. I saw it was a mystery and I liked the cover (I know, don’t judge a book by its cover!) and happily from page one I was into it.
I’m reading this on the heels of All The Beautiful Lies, so you know how it’s hard to go from one amazing book to the next without a break? Luckily I slid right into this story.
Here are the details:
Felix and Tilda seem like the perfect couple: young and in love, a financier and a beautiful up-and-coming starlet. But behind their flawless façade, not everything is as it seems.
Callie, Tilda’s unassuming twin, has watched her sister visibly shrink under Felix’s domineering love. She has looked on silently as Tilda stopped working, nearly stopped eating, and turned into a neat freak, with mugs wrapped in Saran Wrap and suspicious syringes hidden in the bathroom trash. She knows about Felix’s uncontrollable rages, and has seen the bruises on the white skin of her sister’s arms.
Worried about the psychological hold that Felix seems to have over Tilda, Callie joins an Internet support group for victims of abuse and their friends. However, things spiral out of control and she starts to doubt her own judgment when one of her new acquaintances is killed by an abusive man. And then suddenly Felix dies—or was he murdered?
I am telling you right now, this book is SO GOOD. I can envision it as a movie. But read the book first!

Totally and completely switching gears, Jen Hatmaker’s book, Of Mess and Moxie, is a must-read for another mother/parent. The hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life is parenting and this book made me feel like I wasn’t so alone or so crazy.  It helped me believe that I am not the only person in the whole wide world who is hanging by a thread while raising kids.
Jen is so relatable and funny and warm that naturally, the reader wants to be her best friend. It’s surprising that she refers to herself as an introvert. Here’s the 411:
In this highly anticipated new book, beloved author Jen Hatmaker parlays her own triumphs and tragedies into a sigh of relief for all normal, fierce women everywhere. Whether it’s the time she drove to the wrong city for a fourth-grade field trip (“Why are we in San Antonio?”) or the way she learned to forgive (God was super clear: Pray for this person every day, which was the meanest thing He ever said to me. I was furious.), she offers a reminder to those of us who sometimes hide in the car eating crackers that we do have the moxie to get back up and get back out. We can choose to live undaunted “in the moment” no matter what the moments hold, and lead vibrant, courageous, grace-filled lives. 
Yes, its a Christian based book so if religion isn’t your thing, that’s okay, you can skip over those parts and still get the message. Which is that no one is perfect and life is messy and hard but we will get through it… somehow.
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Lily Madison-Vaughn and Gemma Perry may not have wanted uber-unpopular Taylor French at their party—but they certainly didn’t want her dead. But when the unthinkable happens, Lily and Gemma fear for their futures and quickly shift into cover-up mode.
Meanwhile, television producer Freddy Levin blows into town to film a new reality show based on the privileged and glamorous students of Bel Air High. The missing student angle is too juicy for Freddy to resist. Lily and Gemma concoct an elaborate ruse to keep Taylor’s death a secret while they jockey for airtime and celeb status.
With cameras constantly rolling and their clique acting stranger and stranger, the girls search frantically for a way out of the mess they’ve made. But where do you turn when your popularity is on the line and everyone has a secret?
This book would make a great movie. I even have a Pinterest board with my casting ideas and inspirations! Check it out here.

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