Weekend Reading (Part Two)

Stories I’d Tell In Bars by Jen Lancaster broke me out of a reading slump, so thank you, Jen!
I read so many books but if I get a few pages into something I don’t like, I abandon it for something else. And sometimes, I pick up and put down several books before a book strikes a chord with me. I never blame the author because I get in moods where nothing clicks with me and I blame myself entirely. It’s a mood thing, surely dedicated readers can relate!
Such is the case here where I had a very hard time digging into a good book until I downloaded this one.  From page one, I was hooked and that’s because I think Jen Lancaster is hilarious and there’s no doubt we’d be BFFs if we met in real life. Thats what makes Jen’s writing so great, I believe everyone who reads her books thinks, “OMG  me too!” when reading her thoughts and opinions.
This book reminds me of Bitter is the New Black, in that it’s honest and funny and relatable. I laughed out loud a few times, and when I wasn’t laughing, I was nodding my head in agreement to what she was discussing (yacht songs and separate sinks). This is a quick read and lots of fun.
What I find super interesting is that Jen self-published this one which is a trend I expect to see more of in the coming months. It’s hard to appeal to the tastes of agents and publishers who are looking to please the general public, so good books are sitting on the hard drives of many writers. I love that Jen took control and published this herself. Cheers to that!

When you see me at my computer, I will probably be doing one of four things: researching health issues, looking for home remedies, designing something on Polyvore and/or reading the news. Usually all at the same time. And if I am not doing one of those things then I am writing or editing a book.
I love paging through books like this one, The Integrative Guide to Good Health. Knowledge is power, right?  I am a big fan of a home remedy and usually know about remedies to help almost any ailment.
Here’s what you need to know:
Looking for natural, noninvasive ways to strengthen and heal your body? Here, Mayo Clinic experts explain how to achieve personal wellness through nontraditional medicine and home remedies. Their revolutionary approach to health addresses the whole person — body, mind and spirit— by combining conventional care with innovative practices such as mind body techniques, acupuncture and massage therapy.
With this book, you’ll get advice for avoiding medical appointments while also learning when an appointment is needed. Practical, trustworthy and smart, this book will safely and naturally transform your well-being one page at a time.

  • Details on applying dozens of therapies, such as progressive muscle relaxation, Pilates, guided imagery and spirituality to enrich your life
  • Home solutions to help manage common issues such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, wrinkles, motion sickness, hives and stress
  • Steps for administering first aid in emergencies such as bleeding, choking and heart attack

This is one of those great books I keep close!


It seems like almost everyone I know either has a prescription for Xanax or suffers from some kind of anxiety. What is it with our world that makes us all on edge 24/7? Books like this one are necessities in our modern life.If you can find peace within, then you can get through almost anything life throws at you.
If you can find peace within, then you can get through almost anything life throws at you.
Take a look: 
In a world of conflict, disruption and uncertainty, many people live in silent despair. How do we attune to our inner music? How do we reconnect with our inner powers? How do we create resilience and authentic happiness?  Drawing from a lifetime of transformative experiences and from more than twenty years of secluded solitude, pianist and composer Serge Mazerand shares with us a profound truth: we are the instruments that create the sound of our lives.
This musical metaphor inspires us to think of ourselves as the composers and conductors of our lives and empowers us to implement a strategy of self-care in the four sections of our “orchestra”: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We come to understand that we are vibrational beings, subject to the subtle energies of frequencies, amplitudes and rhythms. We learn how to cultivate awareness and to create coherence in the magical interconnectedness of our “bodymind”.
I highly recommend this book, I love how its simply written but offers great advice and discusses vibrational energy. Its so timely and everyone can benefit from reading it.

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