Better Skin with Borba, Murad, Exuviance & Laszlo

No one can eat just one… Borba Gummi Bear Boosters!  Shake It!  Normalizer for oily skin.


Marilyn Monroe was a fan of Erno Laszlo.  Just look what was found in her room after she died… lots of Erno Laszlo jars!

Here’s a product that I begin my morning with.  Regular Normalizer- Shake It.  Just a shake and a cotton ball is all you need to control oil for the day.  This product helps dim oil production, keeping my skin smooth and grease free all day. It can be worn alone, or over/under foundation. I apply a moisturizer, then Shake It, then my foundation. It works. A side benefit is that my honeycomb sized pores look smaller which thrills me to no end! You only need small amount, gently dab it on your face with the cotton ball. Then with finger tips, I blend it in.

Another product I like to give my skin a poreless look is the Exuviance Matte Perfection. I really love this brand and all their many high quality products. Matte Perfection is a good product to keep in your purse for instant touch ups. This gives you a matte finish and minimizes pores. It has that silky texture that I’m so fond of.

Murad Oil-Free Sunblock Sheer Tint SPF 15 is the very first product I reach for in the morning. My alarm goes off, I roll out of bed, wash my face, and instantly apply this product. Most days, I take my dog for a twenty minute jaunt around the neighborhood and sunscreen is a must.  This one not only controls oil but gives my skin a hint of color.  I love the fact that it seems to control oil, reduces my pores and contains sunscreen.

I’ve seen a difference in my skin as of late.  What is it?  The texture is smoother, looks brighter… could it be the Borba Gummi Bear Boosters I’ve been consuming daily? These delicious treats are not only tasty but serve to improve skin tone.  My skin looks better and I don’t need as much concealer. Did I mention how good they are?  I can’t stop eating them, but I need them for my skin!


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