Byu-ti Hair Therapy Salon – giving goodness to the world

Last week I had the opportunity check out the Byu-ti hair therapy salon in Santa Monica, CA. Run by hair stylist Natasha Sunshine (oh how I wish Sunshine was my last name!), the salon is a warm cocoon of goodness and peace  as soon as you walk thru the front door.

Natasha and I first went over the condition of my hair which I like to describe as frizzy, lackluster, dry, broken, chemically damaged and pathetic. She asked me what I liked (the color) and didn’t like about it (how I just described it). Natasha was patient as I rattled off a list of what I felt was wrong with my hair (see above).

One thing that immediately set this salon apart from others is the Welcome Packet clients receive when they arrive at Byu-ti. A six step consult for the client allows  stylists the ability to address detailed concerns about hair. The questionnaire asks a wide variety of questions so the stylist can give the client exactly what they want, and exactly what the hair needs.

We discussed what I’d like to change about my hair ( better condition, make it grow!) then Natasha set me up with Tina, the colorist who’d be applying brighter highlights with a few contrasting pieces. Tina listened to my complaint that the front of my hair, under the bangs, always looks dark.

Tina  went to work on my color and answered all my questions about using silicones in the hair (serums often contain silicone to smooth the hair and I’ve read they aren’t good- Tina gave me the okay to use them) and about using shampoo with sulfates (the salon partners with Pureology, a line of hair care formulated to improve hair over time). and more. She was very, very knowledgeable!

I learned that the stylists at Byu-ti go through a long program of training where they learn all facets of hair styling, coloring, techniques and more. I’ts an intense program ensuring the stylists will be able to serve the clients in many ways with a variety of coloring and cutting techniques. Its not a “one size fits all” salon; each cut, color and service is  geared towards very specific needs.

After the color was washed out, a special mask was applied to my hair. Byu-ti mixes custom ‘hair smoothies’ depending on the needs of each individual’s hair. In my case, my poor locks were ruined  by months of heat styling and not enough nourishment. After the special mask was applied, I sat under a micro mist ultrasonic hair steamer which allows the hair mask, or blender/smoothie, to penetrate and repair damaged hair. Pretty cool. Never have I sat under such a contraption!

Natasha works her magic

Once the mask was washed out, Natasha set out to cut my hair. She listened closely as I explained I need a haircut (obviously) yet wanted my hair to grow. She recommended Byu-ti’s vitamins to assist hair growth, ideal for someone like me whose stubborn hair refuses to grow past the shoulders! She expertly cut my hair then proceeded to do a healing therapy, a relaxing combination of massage and Reiki which left me feeling not only relaxed but nurtured! I am never pampered in such a way and it was a profound and  experience for me. It also made me realize I need more of that in my life.

Natasha blew out my hair which looked incredible from the beautifully subtle yet brighter highlights to the haircut which was exactly what I asked for.

If I could pop into Byu-ti (which comes from the Japanese spelling of Beauty) every month to be pampered, I’d do it in a second!

I highly recommend booking yourself a service at Byu-ti. Natasha is amazing,  stylist Tina is an expert with color  and the  staff is  wonderful. Everyone who works there is truly happy to be a part of Byu-ti as you can see by their smiles- and great hair!

About Natasha: “Hairstylist, entrepreneur, educator and seeker of knowledge, Natasha Sunshine began her love affair with beauty at a young age while watching her Aunt work her hair magic, in her French Quarter Salon, Looks, and her ability not only to make people look better, but more importantly feel better inside and out. At the young age of five, she made a promise to herself to do the same when she grew up. Nearly thirty years later, from Louisiana to New York and now based in Santa Monica, Natasha is still striving to GIVE GOODNESS to the world around her. Having established herself as a leading hair stylist and educator in New York and Los Angeles’ fashion and styling circles, Sunshine has had the opportunity to work on the tresses of celebrities and models.”