Smooth hair with Beth and the Super Solano

This post comes courtesy of Beth Bender from Beauty Style Watch

When it comes to hair, one of the biggest problems many of us face is how to keep it from getting too frizzy, and out of control.  Depending on where you live this can be a problem all year long. 

We’ve all tried product after product and in the end still can’t get it right, so up into a ponytail it goes. But, what you may not know is getting your hair to look sleek, shiny, and frizz free is not just in the product, but also with the tools you use to style as well.


Super Solano Hair Dryer

The good news is that a good blow dryer like the Super Solano, can help you to have gorgeous hair 24/7, and even when the humidity it wishing you didn’t:-) Hahaha. 

Hence my visit to the Prive Salon in Hollywood where I got the real scoop on how to get rid of the frizzes from Celebrity stylist James Carameta.  He not only made my hair look amazing but it looked great for the rest of the week! Yay!! 

supersolano hair dryer

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James and I spent a few minutes talking about my hair needs, and of course I had my Super Solano 3700Moda and diffuser on hand for the lesson which he said was perfect for me and my hair.

After a quick wash and conditioner with Prive’s Concept Vert Shampoo & Conditioner, we were back at his station and onto the task of making my hair beautiful.

No cutting was involved, but James is also a master when it comes to cutting, and he listens to what you want before a strand is even touched.

With my Super Solano 3700Moda dryer he began to dry my hair and I got his tips on how to style. While my hair was still wet he applied Prive’s Latest product from their Concept Vert Line, The Concept Vert Volumizing Froth which is a non-aerosol mousse. The whole line is absolutely amazing and it’s the only line I use on my hair.

The most important difference in using a blow dryer with Tourmaline is that the Tourmaline gets activated and releases energy in the form of ions. The ions are charged and help to eliminate frizz, thus leaving your hair looking shinier, and in half the time it would normally take thanks to the Ceramic and Infrared heat.

When styling your hair James said it was important to make sure and direct the winds from the blow dryer from the root to the ends blowing the hair back and away from the face. Doing this he said would help to eliminate the fly aways and frizziness. He also suggested using your fingers at first to begin drying your hair and then going to a brush. Lifting the hair at the root and hitting it with hair will also help to create fullness and volume.

James finished my hair with a round brush and my Super Solano blow dryer which is the only blow dryer I have ever used, and it is definitely splurge-worthy! They are made to last, and the Ionic technology keeps your hair looking healthy, and shiny! 

I attended the Hollywood Break Through Awards last night in Los Angeles, and could not get over how shiny my hair looked in the photo’s.

James and I after my hair styling session and lesson. He actually added waves to my hair with his flat iron. I am still trying to master that skill but was totally thrilled with my hair, and without a stitch of makeup on my face I still felt like a million bucks for the rest of the day.