You Will Love This Budget Blow Dryer


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I just started using this Xtava Blowdryer and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Not only does it give you a force of directed air to blow dryer faster, but it offers heat and speed settings and a cool shot button.

Here’s what the company says: 

Because a girls gotta have her blowout, even if it’s D-I-Y at home! Xtava Pro hair dryer runs at 1875 watts with a built-in Cool Shot button to maximize your hairstyle, boost shine, and reduce frizz. Whether your hair is long, thick, curly, or coarse, The Xtava Pro hair dryer provides salon quality results at home!

Previously, I used a blowdryer that I liked but it was dying a slow death. I picked this Xtava blowdryer up and was instantly impressed!

What a difference a really good blowdryer makes! It retails for only $34.99. I was prepared to spend more than that but thankfully I didn’t have to.

I am always, ALWAYS looking for hair smoothing products.

My fight with frizz has been long documented especially when I was running Hellodollface (which is now this site). I’ve used super high-end products, cheap products, serums and oils, sprays, natural and non-toxic items, and things from Target to Sephora. 

My first choice is always something green and clean, I love natural products first and foremost. 

I’m a big fan of Josh Rosebrook’s hair care (and his skincare) but don’t always have the extra money to buy the more expensive sprays and serums.

These are my favorite smoothing products that you can find on Amazon, or even at Target or a drugstore. 

Hair Crack Styling Cream
Not Your Mother’s All In One Spray
Keratin Smooth (only a tiny bit is needed)
Rusk Str8 ( I find this at TJ Maxx)
Bed Head Control Freak (Sometimes Nordstrom Rack has it!)
Shea Moisture Shampoo Sacha Inchi

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