Best MAC Lipsticks for Everyday Wear 2021

I had no idea that MAC was coming out with a Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga Lipglass version of the VIVA GLAM lipsticks.

Best Mac Lipsticks For Everyday Wear Woman Applying Bright Red Lipstick

Their gorgeous VIVA GLAM colors have been magically turned into super shiny glosses and I’m addicted! I loved both shades of the VIVA GLAM lipsticks and with this gloss over top, it’s a perfect union. I actually apply the reddish Cyndi Lauper shade first then add a little of the pink Gaga shade.

You can mix and match and do whatever you need to achieve the perfect shade. I’ve always loved a red-pink combo.

The Cyndi Lauper red is a perfect shade, not too bright or too red. And I’m a huge fan of pink, pretty much any shade makes me happy!

Also available are the VIVA GLAM Makeup bags which are little football-shaped cases in the colors of red and pink. The gloss and makeup bags will be available this fall and will have a limited run of six months. So be on the lookout!

More glosses! From Bare Escentuals comes Buxom Lips, a tingly gloss that plumps up your mouth gently and imparts shine. I carry around Buxom glosses in my various purses, I’m always sure to have one with me. I’ve reviewed these glosses before but got a few new ones to check out.

My favorites include Destiny- a peach color, Bambi-mid tone pink, and a brand new shade called Sarina- a shimmery toffee color that goes well with an end-of-summer tan. Check them out here.

I have never tried products from Elizabeth Arden before. Of course, I know all about her and the Red Door Spa in New York, I’ve been reading about that since I was a little girl! I imagine an Elizabeth Arden woman to be sophisticated and elegant. She carries a Birkin bag, wears Louboutins,  and has expensive highlights in her perfect hair.

That’s the image I get when I think of this brand!

Although I myself am far from that image, I do wear Elizabeth Arden, specifically the High Shine Lip Gloss.   Anything that might be glossy or shiny has my attention!

I tried these three shiny shades: Golden Pearl which is a shimmery peach, Maple is a brown-pink-shimmer, and Enchanting Bronze, which is a dramatic bronze- perfect for a night out.

I love the lightweight of these glosses plus the shine and glimmery texture.

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