Meet Eve Pearl – Queen Of Cosmetics

I had the chance to meet Eve Pearl a few months ago at the blogger preview MakeUp Show. I was lucky to get a  makeover by this five time Emmy winning makeup artist and when I left her chair, I had flawless skin and perfectly made up eyes! Oh how I wish I could have Eve with me every day for makeup application. Lucky for me (and you) she offers lots of videos on how-to apply perfect makeup. I watched with great interest how to properly apply the Dual Foundation/Salmon Concealer which was a big help to me.


I have been using her High Definition Dual Foundation, salmon concealer and lip glosses for two weeks now, and I’d love to fill you in on what it is I love about Eve’s products. First, I can never achieve the skin perfecting look of what a pro can accomplish. However, with Eve’s dual foundation and watching her helpful video, I can come close.

High Definition Dual Foundation is used to cover flaws and even out skin tone and its light texture allows skin to breathe and is not oily or greasy. I love how easily the two shades blend beautifully helping someone as hopeless as me to get a even base for makeup!

One of the problems I struggle with as I get older is under eye circles. If I don’t eat well, sleep enough or drink lots of water, its written all over my face, namely under my eyes! Eve’s Salmon concealer is a potent product used to erase purple circles (and discoloration). Only a tiny tiny bit is needed for maximum coverage! This is a must- have in any woman’s (or makeup loving man) makeup bag. Read here to learn more about this truly amazing product.

Lastly, I tested Eve’s Kisses of Pearl  lipgloss in the shade of Baby Doll/Honey Bunny. I love the light gloss which is not tacky or goopy. The colors are perfect- not too pink or peach, shiny and long lasting. I tested an amazing, amazing, flattering lipstick called Enchanted which is a shade that seems to perk up my pale face instantly.

I love Eve’s fantastic products which are supreme in their integrity and ingredients! I highly recommend you visit her website which is chock full of products, videos, tips and tricks!