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Naked & fresh with Lush Handmade Beauty

LUSH Tints

Ah, the LUSH Life…who doesn’t want to live it? 

As an environmentally conscious person, I’m really partial to smart packaging (there really isn’t any with Lush products–65% of all products are unpackaged to be very environmentally friendly – hance the title of this post… LUSH proudly claims ‘NAKED PACKAGING‘ on their website ).

And as a professional namer, I deeply admire the clever monikers of Lush products.

LUSH solid Body Tints come in the sweetest little heart shapes, but when you wash with them, they give you a great hint of color.

Meant to conjure up old Hollywood glamour, these tints also are cocoa butter-based to give your skin a ravishing glow.

Silk Stockings gives a sun-dappled look, while Black Stockings gives an iridescent tint and both even out skin tone and make you look and feel luscious (well, at least they did with me.)

And paying new lip service to a beautiful pucker are LUSH Lip Tints.  I got Double Choc and It Started with a Kiss.  The chocolate has a faint taste of intoxicating chocolate and the Started with a Kiss is toffee apple (I admit, it can be maddening wanting to eat your own lips), and both left my lips soft and glowing.

I really like this company, love the witticism of their names, and really, really, really love the products.LUSH

LUSH Fragrances

Perfectly portable yet packs a good punch of fragrance is the solid perfumes from LUSH.  

These perfumes come to use from Mark and Simon Constantine from LUSH, known as the Gorilla Perfumers.

I tried 2 of their scents both in solid form. 

I am quickly becoming a huge fan of solid scents since they are applied directly to the skin and don’t get everywhere like my spray perfumes.  Plus, they are ideal to travel with or even toss one in your purse for on-the-go applications.

I tried Imogen Rose and Lust. As you can tell from the names, one scent is light and fresh and the other seduces you!

Imogen Rose is a blend of rose, bergamot, vetivert, ambrette seed, tonka, orris.

Imogen Rose is a blend of rose, bergamot, vetivert, ambrette seed, tonka, orris.  I’m a sucker for anything rose.  I think this is a soft scent, very subtle and pretty.  

You can tell from the name that Lust is going to be sexy!  

Lust is made from Jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla, sandalwood.

These are hand blended using essential oils and several of the perfumes are Vegan.  If you just cannot decide which perfume suits you, try this kit which allows you to mix and match your own fragrance!