Easy to Make Amazing Strawberry Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is so delicious that I made it twice in one week. It might rival my favorite, a bundt cake that I wrote about in my Low-Oxalate Anti-Inflammatory cookbook which I singlehandedly ate almost all by myself. Both recipes call for sour cream which is what makes the cake so soft.


The Strawberry Coffee Cake takes about one hour to make and bake from start to finish.

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1 stick of unsalted butter, soft

3/4 cup of organic white sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 1/3 cup Gluten-Free Flour (I like this brand)

1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups fresh strawberries, sliced




Preheat your oven to 350* then spray a round 9-inch cake pan with cooking spray.

In a medium-sized bowl, using beaters, mix together the sugar and butter until its fluffy.

Add eggs, mixing them well then add vanilla.

In a smaller bowl, combine the flour and baking powder.

Add the flour mixture to the sugar/butter/eggs alternating with the sour cream.

Mix until it’s combined.

Add strawberries, fold in with a wooden spoon until well incorporated.

Spread into the pan. You can lightly dust the top of the cake with a little sugar if you would like.

Bake about 40 minutes, insert a knife into the middle of the cake to make sure it’s baked completely.

Remove the cake and allow it to cool before slicing. Who am I kidding? Warm cake is the best! But seriously, wait for it to cool down just a bit.



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The original recipe is from Foodtastic Mom, here. I decreased the sugar and used gluten-free flour. She got the original recipe from Taste of the South here. If you make this delicious cake, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see the finished product!

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