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All You Need+ for Eyes – New Hydrating Eye Gel from Prescriptives

Sometimes I receive beauty questions from readers who want to know my thoughts on products or advice on beauty issues.

Here’s a question I get quite a lot…

Dear Dollface,
How do I eliminate darkness around my eyes without having concealer settle into my crows feet?
Thank you-
Cathy B, New Jersey

I’ve struggled with this too.

I’ve been using a variety of products to help get rid of shadows, circles and everything else that makes me look ten years older than I really am. Here’s a winning combination I discovered.

This is a new product from Prescriptives. It’s called All You Need for Eyes and its a hydrating gel for the eye area. It’s brilliant. It glides on smoothly and moisturizes under the eyes, above the eyes, where ever you need a little moisture. It’s not heavy like some creams can be, it absorbs quickly and it doesn’t leave any residue. This has been my go-to eye product ever since I got it in my little hands. I can’t say enough about the gel formula.

I turned my bathroom upside down looking for my Teint Sublime by Jelly Pong Pong! I couldn’t find it anywhere and I just knew it held the key to brighter eyes! I finally found it and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I needed this product, this simple tinted cream that literally erased every shadow from my sunken, tired eyes. You only need the tiniest dab of this, apply it to the inner corners of the eye, gently and sparingly pat it around the entire area. Seriously, a dab will do it for you. When its blended in well and your eyes look brighter and more alert, then and only then do you (again, gently) apply the Prescriptives gel that I mentioned above!

What you end up with is a fresher, more alert looking face! I apply All You Need for Eyes during the day so that the skin around my eyes is never dry and is always super hydrated. Really, be judicious with your application of eye products, you don’t need your orbs swimming in moisturizer.

With these two products, I promise you a less sallow looking eye area which results in a younger looking face. Maybe not younger, but definitely fresher… and happier!