sia botanics

Be a botanic fanatic with Sia

I’m a natural girl. I admit to being obsessed with cosmetics and beauty products, but I like my beauty and skincare products to be as close to nature as I can get. Sia Botanics more than fits the bill.  The company is run by a small, passionate group of individuals who believe clean, healthy skin is intelligent and sexy.

First, you can’t believe how pretty the packaging is, right down to the logo. The names of the products are also instantly enticing.

The botanicals deliver age defiance and help your skin fight off toxic elements.

I tried the Vitamin Boost Happy Skin tonic, which were these gentle pads soaked in aloe, vitamin Bs, C, A and more. My skin instantly felt better!  Next, I tried  the Ocean Minerals Moisturizer with 92+ trace minerals. It glided on so refreshingly, I wanted to put even more on, which I did! Packed with goodies like sweet almond oil, yarrow, Shea butter, and more, this is definitely going into my daily cleansing ritual.

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