Beautiful skin with Dr. Denese

I love science, but I also am a beauty junky, so I was thrilled to get samples of the skincare line by Dr. Adrienne Denese. Her products use the most advanced, clinically proven active ingredients in the highest possible percentages to achieve spectacular results.

I especially love her quote,

“You do not have problem skin. You have problem products. When you use the right products, your problem skin will resolve.”

I first tried her Advanced Firming Facial pads. These pads exfoliate, improve radiance and clarity and even out your skin tone. They are supposed to dramatically shrink your pores and remove your wrinkles, and I’m going to keep using these for sure.

I next tried her HydroShield Eye Emulsion. I have fragile, pale skin, and I’m always looking for something for my eyes.

This product offers AcquaCell technology to keep skin under your eyes smooth and flawless. So say goodbye to crow’s feet!

Next, I tried the HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum, which won a Customer Choice Award. It locks in moisture to reduce wrinkles and lines and give you this dewy complexion. Clinical studies showed that it actually increased the hydration level of skin 184% in just fifteen minutes time.

Finally, I tried the HydroShield Dream Cream, the first face cream built with an intelligent hydration technology that finds dry patches and delivers just the right amount of moisture to each area. Dry eye areas soak it up, while your oily areas ignore it–how innovative is that?

Dr. Denese’s SPF 30 Defense Day Cream is tinted and oil free to protect you from the sun. Often, these creams can be greasy, but this one glided on, felt soft and moisturizing, and the hint of tint actually made my skin look healthier.

What is so amazing is that your skin literally feels and looks better after you apply these products. I love this whole line so far. Science is beautiful, isn’t it?