Breakthrough of the year awards presented by Crest 3-D White

Last night I attended the Breakthrough of the Year Awards Presented by Crest 3-D White, held at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Settle in with a cup of coffee and read on to see how I spent my Sunday night.


There were papers on the floor for news outlets like Movieline, People, US Weekly, In Style (where I get my news) indicating where we were to stand as the celebs came around and did their step and repeat on the red carpet which incidentally, was gray.


Julie Bown, Jessica Szohr, Dianna Agron *wireimage

Then there was a little HelloDollface sign, amongst all the other big names. Flashbulbs went off and reporters screamed the names of celebs like Annalynne McCord, Jessica Szohr and Jessica Stroup, Dianna Agron, that guy from True Blood, and more.

At this point, so young into the evening, my heels were killing my feet so we went upstairs to have a cocktail and sit down. I chatted with fellow beauty writers Te-see and Beth Bender and Nadine Jolie. In a dark corner sat Dermot Mulroney with his – girlfriend? Wife? I love scoping out the crowd and seeing celebs up close. I learned not to dare speak to the talent, as they are called, because their publicists will jump in and tell you, “So-and-so doesn’t want to speak to you.” That’s just a little FYI in case you are at an event and you find yourself in a room with someone you admire and want to say hello. Don’t.


Sofia Vergara and Kelly Brook *wireimage

After cocktail hour, we headed into the theater to watch the awards show hosted by Chelsea Lately comedian, Heather McDonald. It was fun to watch the show and in between awards, we saw 3-D trailers for upcoming movies- Yogi Bear, the new Chronicles of Narnia and Tron. Do you see the tie- in between Crest 3-D and the new 3-D movies coming out this fall? Except you do not need glasses to view my teeth which were brushed with Crest 3-D this morning.

At the conclusion of the show, we all raced to the food. And by ‘we all’ I mean me. My stomach rumbled all through the show, my seatmates probably thought the 3-D included sound effects. Nobu catered and for the second time in my life, I ate sushi. It is hard to accidentally consume a copious amount of wasabi and try to look cool. It happened. Although there was an open bar with Kroll vodka,  and drinks were flowing, I stuck to SmartWater and a single class of Pinot Grigio.


Cody Simpson

I chatted with the father of internet sensation 13  year old Cody Simpson, who told me about the family’s move from Australia to the United States, all for their sons’ budding career as a singer/songwriter. I told my 12 year old he needs to get moving because times running out for him to become a teen heart throb. Upload those vidoes! Write those songs!

I hope young Cody has much success- and remembers to brush his teeth with Crest 3-D White of course. CLick here to watch his new video


 Joe Manganiello, that guy from True Blood

Towards the end of the evening when I could not stand one more moment in my heels, I stumbled upon a desert area where Sprinkles mini cupcakes were available. Shoving one into my mouth (minus the icing because I am quite sugar-conscious), I said my good-byes and went home.  Thanks to Crest 3-D for the fun evening out!


Host Heather Mc Donald


Beth and Te-See Bender from Beauty Style Watch and yours truly

Here’s a complete list of all the winners of the evening:

Breakthrough Standout Performance Presented by Crest 3D White – AnnaLynne McCord (presented by Jessica Stroup) Breakthrough Actor in Film – Josh Hutcherson (presented by Annette Bening) Breakthrough  Actress in Film – Jessica Szohr (presented by Dermot Mulroney) Breakthrough Actor in TV – Matt Bomer (who accepted his award through a taped message from the NewYork set of White Collar, where he is currently filming) Breakthrough Actress in TV – Sofia Vergara (presented by Julie Bowen) Breakthrough Newcomer – Dianna Agron (presented by Brad Falchuk, Co-Creator Executive Producer of Glee) Breakthrough Producer – Jason Blum (presented by Rose Byrne) Breakthrough Athlete – Landon Donovan (The Galaxy’s Chris Klein accepted on his behalf) Breakthrough in Technology – Josh Greer on behalf of RealD (presented by Rick Malambri) Breakthrough in Architecture – Charles Renfro on behalf of Diller, Scofidio + Renfro (presented by Joe Manganiello) Breakthrough Internet Sensation – Cody Simpson (presented by Kelly Brook) Breakthrough in Green Innovation – Ruben Aronin (Director of Communications) on behalf of Global Green (presented by Sharon Lawrence)