Complexion perfection with Blissoma


I’ve long been a fan of Blissoma thanks to their clean ingredients and dedication to creating effective, gentle products. This incredible brand checks all of the boxes for green beauty: they use whole plant extracts, made in small batches for freshness, ingredients are sourced from farms, they are cruelty-free, vegan, and packaging is biodegradable.
I know the owner and brand creator, Julie Longyear, who is one of my go-to people for any questions I have about ingredients and skin issues. She is one smart lady and I am in awe of her thoughtful and intelligent responses to all things green beauty related.

I recently tried a few items and am excited to share them with you!
First up, let’s talk about the Peaceful Purity Tonique. I find it very nurturing and it’s ideal for those whole have sensitive skin. It contains soothing ingredients that calm irritated complexions.
This alcohol-free toner features artisan distilled holy basil hydrosol and includes MSM along with ingredients that contain antiseptic properties, regenerates cells, heals, and contains anti-inflammatory abilities too! This spray works perfectly with the other products I am reviewing here, or even on its own.

I’ve been using the Lavish – Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask as often as I can since I see my skin looking brighter each time I use it. The mask is light in consistency, creamy in texture, and it takes seconds to apply all over the face.  It’s perfect for dry, mature skin or for those who suffer from seasonal skin issues and need a surge of nutrients and moisture.
During the chilly winter months, this is a great item to have on hand to soothe chapped or parched skin. It reminds me of a cross between a balm and a mask, its a must have.
I apply this then go and do something for about thirty minutes, wash off and marvel how my skin looks- brighter and better.
Ideal for dry, mature as well as troubled skin, this is made from a wonderful list of natural ingredients known to soothe. In it, you will find a potent blend of butters, seed oils, reishi and maitake mushrooms, and more.
The best way to utilize the healing abilities of this product is to use it often!

Last but not least is Glow – Good Earth Exfoliant Powder. Of course, it contains a powerful blend of active ingredients to heal and aid skin! This is perfect for my aging, mature skin because it’s geared towards those with “hyperpigmentation, lackluster, congested and sluggish skin.”
After age 35, you really start seeing the effects of not caring for your skin when you are younger. Did you bake in the sun down at the Jersey Shore like I did? Go without sunscreen because it wasn’t “cool” and did you seek a deep dark tan despite having super pale skin? Ummm, I did!
Suddenly you begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, you might have hormonal issues…this mask helps!  It is made with coconut water, oats, papaya enzymes and Vitamin C among other natural ingredients.
I use a small bowl to mix the powder and water and then apply with either my fingertips or brush. Massage into skin, allow it to dry then wash off. It’s advised to use this a few times a week and in my opinion, it goes well with the Peaceful Purity Tonique and the Lavish mask. I use all three of these together and the dark spots on my face which really bother me seem lighter and skin appears healthier.
It’s wonderful that there are clean, non-toxic, plant-based products like Blissoma’s to assist in improving our skin. While I personally don’t always use green cosmetics, I almost always use pure skincare because I find it to be more effective than conventional skincare. Blissoma is a brand you can trust and use confidently. You are feeding and nourishing skin while you treat it, safely and purely.
For much more information you can visit the Blissoma website here.