Get in Line by Beth Bender Beauty

bendersisters-300x183-1244818I recently met The Bender Sisters when I attended Lilith Fair. What an amazing experience made even more fun by Beth and Te-see Bender. They are the women behind Beauty Style Watch, a new favorite beauty site. What I love about this site is that its often updated and like Hello Dollface,  Beauty Style Watch features lots of beauty reviews not simply cut and pasted news from other sites. And these girls love all things beauty like I do!

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s going on over at Beauty Style Watch right now.


 Bronzed sunkissed eyes are perfect for summer, and they sizzle with style day or night. Whether you’re having lunch with the girls, window shopping, cocktails on the roof, or just running out for a coffee, you can’t go wrong, and they look gorgeous on any skin tone. This is one of my favorite looks, especially when I have a limited amount of time to beautify myself.

Right now beth bender beauty is giving away the SGB Smoky Eyeshadow Kit for FREE when you purchase any 2 Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kits (sale items included). The SGB Kit has had almost as much red carpet time as Kim Kardashian’s smoky eyes, and it comes with a set of eyeliner stencils so you know you’ll be rockin’ a sexy pair of eyes in no time at all. Another little secret to let you in on, if you purchase 2 kits within the next 3 days, they will also stick in an extra surprise in addition to all of the other goody’s.

Check out what women are saying about beth bender beauty and the Get in Line Kit.

Here’s to sexy sunkissed eyes all summer long!

Nicole Scherzinger “BETH BENDER ROCKS!!! What can I say Ms. bettie bender….you know how much I love smoky eyes, so of course you know how much I LOVE your Get in Line kits! Thank you so much for all of the amazing products. I love them all. My eyes have been looking hotter than ever thanks to you. Mwah!!”

Cece Levin “OMG!!! I LOVE THIS KIT!!!I purchased the Get in Line Kit after reading so many amazing reviews and can now do a perfect smoky eye and cat eye. I get so many compliments on my eyes and owe it all to these amazing eyeliner stencils. This is the only smoky eye kit that works and I love it!!Thank you beth bender beauty!!!”

Carrie Underwood “Your own personal makeup artist! Thank you to beth bender beauty for creating such a great beauty product. The best do-it-yourself smoky eye kit for a non-makeup artist like myself:-)”

Mimi Schneck “LOVE, LOVE!!!! I purchased the Original Get in Line kit first, and then the BFF and SBG. I love all of them, and can’t believe how easy the eyeliner stencils are to use. I can do the sexiest smoky eyes in minutes, and my boyfriend loves them. The eye shadows blend beautifully and stay on for hours!”

Check out the ingenius Get in Line kits and spend a little time at Beauty Style Watch here.