Here’s a brand that Jennifer Aniston reportedly loves, Jurlique. This all-natural skincare line is made with only the best organically grown herbs and plant-based ingredients. Jurlique combines “herbalism, aromatherapy, alchemy, and homeopathy” resulting in gentle holistic skincare.

I tested 3 Jurlique beauty products:

1. The Herbal Recovery Gel,
Eye Gel and
3. Neck Serum

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Serum is a serum to be used nightly in order to firm up and improve skin. I really like this product, I feel as though I’m feeding my skin vital nutrients when I use it. Sometimes if I’m home with nowhere to go, I apply a liberal amount to my skin to give it a healthy boost of hydration.

Jurlique Limited Edition Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Gel is super gentle and quickly absorbed. I can apply it right up to my lash line with no irritation. This is a good product to apply under makeup since it is so light and it quickly sinks into the delicate skin around the eye with no residue.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Neck Serum is for the neck and chest area which often gets neglected yet shows early signs of aging. This product “significantly reduces the visible signs of aging by improving and maintaining a firm resilient neck and decolletage.”

I’m always trying to figure out how to turn back the hands of time and this product is a must to ward off wrinkles and premature aging.

As with all Jurlique serums and moisturizers, this is very gentle although a bit thicker than the other products I tested. I am all for products that are grown organically, do not contain animal products, are not tested on animals and that offer natural benefits of herbs and plants.

Jurlique offers lots of products that I’d love to check out like the Wrinkle Softener Beauty Cream and the Makeup Remover.