My Clean Skincare Routine for Day and Night

For daytime, I recommend La Roche Posay’s Redermic UV, an anti-wrinkle cream with an SPF 15.

I’ve mentioned many times about how dedicated I am to using sunscreen. Rather than use a sunscreen plus moisturizer, I love products that combine both. Even better if it helps fill in wrinkles, firms the skin, improves and smoothes the complexion.

Redermic UV does it all.

Before foundation, I lightly apply this all over my face. Sometimes I’ll dab some oil control lotion on the T-zone but I always, always use lotion with sun protection in it.  I really like Redermic, its very light and doesn’t carry a strong smell.  Anything left over goes on my chest or neck.


For night, I have been applying Lumene’s Excellent Future Deep Repairing Serum.

There’s something about a good serum…makes me feel like I’m applying nutrients where my skin needs it most. Like I’m feeding my skin. The serum is quite light, its not tacky or sticky or heavy as some serums tend to be.

This product contains Applexcell, a “combination of apple stem cell extract” which assists in the repairing of skin’s cells. Come to think of it, my crows feet are a little less obvious. This must be working.

In conjunction with the Serum, I’ve been using….


…Excellent Future Deep Repairing Cream. First I clean my face, then  apply the serum, followed by this cream. It too contains the previously mentioned Applexcell.  I don’t know if it’s necessarily to be used around the eye area but I apply just a tiny bit on my fine lines that surround my eyes.  What I like about this cream is that it’s not heavy, smelly, thick, sticky. Trust me, I’ve tried many many products and some of them have had those characteristics. Those are the ones I don’t write about!

Here’s what Lumene says about its Excellent Future Deep Repairing Cream, “This ultramodern cream helps to prevent and delay damage from surfacing. It also helps to smooth the appearance of wrinkles that have already formed. ”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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