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My Struggle to Look Bright-Eyed & Youthful: Products I Use for Help with Tired, Old Eyes

I don’t know what it is with me lately but my eyes look like they belong to a sixty year old woman! I’m constantly tired-looking, there are bags and circles where none used to exist.

Beauty lovers, please say it isn’t just me! Hopefully I’m not alone in my struggle to look bright eyed and youthful. Or at least like I’ve slept more than four hours a night.

For help, I reached out to two of my pals, Brett Freedman of VanityMark and Scott-Vincent Borba of Borba. If these two- who work with celebs for a living- can’t help me, then somebody please! Schedule my eye lift, injections and fillers pronto!!

From Brett Freedman:

The skin around the eyes it the thinnest on the whole body. The highest concentration of blood vessels is greatest around the eyes. A bad combo!

As a make up artist, when I have to dodge dark circles I attack it in 3 steps:

I apply foundation or tinted moisturizer not only to face but around eyes and on eye lids. This will downplay any red or darkness. Since the formulations are thinner they’ll move with skin easily and look most natural.

I choose a stick or pot concealer to dodge just where it’s dark. To cover the best you’ll need a fuller bodied formula. By applying the foundation first you’ll end up using less of the thicker concealer. I apply with a small, tight brush so you can really get into the eye socket.

I set with a zero pigment powder so as not to get build up and the most sheerness.

From Scott-Vincent:

Take your favorite eye cream and leave a visible thick coat on your entire orbital eye area. Then place a thin layer of Vaseline over it. Throughout the night your eyes will be constantly conditioned (moisture will be trapped by the Vaseline) and your puffy eyes will be gone!

Drink yourself to a well rested you. Drink anti-inflammatory agents like Pomegranate, Acai and Lechee and Aloe juice also are natural humectants as well as anti-inflammatory agents. Drink this for one week and see a visibly major difference in dark circle and puffiness.

Everyone knows to use a small amount of product and to gently pat the product on. This is so the product goes on thick and helps to eliminate bruising to the delicate eye area.

The colder the product, the more it will help with puffiness – keep you eye cream in the fridge!

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