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6 Natural Skin Care Myths

There’s so much great information out today about natural skin care, but there’s also some natural skin care myths out there that I thought we should discuss and possibly… bust!

myth #1

Natural Skin Care Products Smell Bad

I used to think that any natural skincare product would smell like the inside of a vitamin shop. Not true!

While some very clean, eco-friendly, and natural skin care products may not smell like the best-smelling lotion you have loved since high school, clean beauty products don’t smell bad.

Thanks to the absence of manufactured, artificial fragrance, all-natural skincare products often don’t have too strong of an aroma and with the use of essential oils and other natural ingredients, clean skincare and cosmetics usually smell so fresh and great IMHO.

myth #2

Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics Aren't As Effective as My Favorite Products

In my experience, this isn’t true.

I’ve used a variety of natural skin care products from clean beauty brands 100% Pure, Vapour Organic Beauty, and Josie Maran, and, at least for me, these natural beauty products work just as well or even better than their high-end counterparts made with harmful ingredients I used to use.

myth #3

Natural Skincare Products Are Made With Weird Ingredients

Ok… this natural skin care myth might be a little factual. There are some strange but very effective ingredients found in natural skin care products.

Natural, organic skincare is generally made using natural oils, herbs, berry extracts, vitamins, minerals, aloe, flower-water and other useful things found in nature. 

Other common natural skin care ingredients such as charcoal, tree bark, and water from the dead sea might sound weird to some people but offer many benefits for your skin. 

I say… give them a try! 😉

You can find skin care and cosmetics made with even weirder ingredients such as bird poop, snail mucin, and placenta but these aren’t exactly common ingredients in most natural skin care products.

But, as the saying goes, don’t knock it before you try it. You’ll find many skin care products made with these weird ingredients are quite effective and often receive rave reviews.

To me, the scary and real weird ingredients in skincare are the dangerous chemicals found in conventional skincare and makeup like the harmful toxins, synthetics, and additives that pose a danger to your health and mine. 

myth #4

Good, Effective Natural Skin Care Products Are Hard To Find

This natural skin care myth is one that I hear all the time from friends and family. I get it… when I first decided to go clean with my beauty routine, I was a bit overwhelmed.

What clean brands should I try?

Where do I go to find the best natural skin care products?

Will this natural foundation give me the coverage I need?

Luckily, natural skin care and non-toxic makeup is becoming more mainstream so finding your new favorite natural concealer is way easier now than it was for me years ago.

You have to do a little research and test out different natural products and clean beauty lines, but the products are certainly out there and readily available! 

I happen to love researching and trying new products. I’ve been enjoying the process of finding excellent safe and healthy skin care products. 

Do your homework and give some natural skin care products a try. Check out the EWG’s Skin Deep® database for the best and cleanest products tested and verified for your safety.

myth #5

Skin Care and Cosmetic Products With 'Natural' on the Label Are Safe

If the label says ‘natural’, it has to be good for me! Right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.

The scary truth is skin care and cosmetic products with labels claiming they are ‘natural’ can be made with any number of potentially dangerous chemicals.

I took a look at a few brands who boast natural ingredients and discovered they were actually full of chemicals.

Calling a product ‘natural’ can be extremely misleading. This is why familiarizing yourself with common harmful ingredients is so important.

Ingredients in personal care products such as skincare and cosmetics aren’t regulated so consumers believe the product in question is safe and good. Synthetic chemicals that contribute to allergies, environmental damage, and even cancer are consistently found in products that are labeled ‘natural’.

myth #6

Organic, Natural Skincare and Makeup is Expensive

Are all natural skin care products expensive?

Not at all.

Of course, you can find high-end, luxury organic skin care just as you can find high-end, luxury skin care that isn’t organic or all-natural.

Some organic, all-natural skincare products may cost more than your conventional products, but you use less because they are highly concentrated with great natural ingredients. 

It’s well worth the investment.