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New From One Love Organics – Holistic Skincare

I’ve really enjoyed everything I have tried from One Love Organics so far. These products smell so good and are very effective! My past favorites include the Dry Shampoo Powder and the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser.

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to two products that I’ve been putting to the test recently!

Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover

If you need a hydrating and nourishing makeup remover, give this one a whirl. This oil can be used on a dry face then wiped away, or I add a little water and turn it into a creamy lotion type consistency.

I use a little konjac sponge or bamboo washcloth for best results. This oil does a great job removing makeup (eye makeup too- even waterproof) and dirt from the day. I like the way it doesn’t leave my skin dry, just clean and soft.

A special blend of oils gives skin a nice surge of intense moisture but never fear, skin is not going to be oily or greasy which is the miracle of oil cleansing.

Also being used on a consistent basis, quite obsessively to be honest, is the Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum.

This is my special treat at the end of the day after I take a shower and relax. I love that this oil is in a spray bottle, the spray is narrow enough that it doesn’t go everywhere around you.

I spray (liberally because it smells like a dream) then rub into skin and enjoy the scent of gardenia. Ahhhhh. There’s nothing like it.

This serum contains:

“Antileukine 6®, an antioxidant powerhouse, to help defend against environmental stressors and elemental dryness”

If you’re asking about Antileukine 6, let me fill you in: its an algae extract which protects the skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties.