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The Best Natural & Organic Skincare Brands I Have Tested

I think it’s important to be aware of what you are putting on your skin and know what to absolutely stay away from as much as you can.  When I learned about the toxins and harmful chemicals in personal care products, I was really surprised. 

I went down a rabbit hole of finding information about how and why harmful, toxic ingredients were allowed to be in our beauty products (and household cleaning products).  This led me to throw out bags and bags of makeup, hair care, personal care products, and body lotions and thus began my journal to clean beauty and natural skin care.

I didn’t want anything that wasn’t clean or natural to touch my hair, skin, or teeth.

I became very strict with what I used but long term, I couldn’t keep up with this way of life. Products that are super pure are more expensive and it’s not always practical to spend lots of money on a single item.

What is possible for me is to purchase non-toxic products as much as I can. I try to be mindful of what I spend my money on and always look for organic, non-toxic products first. 

I abide by the 80-20 rule which I do for eating as well. 

80% of what I use is clean and green.

The other 20 are conventional and drugstore products.

Some of my absolute favorite, non-toxic fantastic brands are listed below.

I have personally used products from all and they are A+ amazing in every way and work very well. If you want to supplement your beauty arsenal with some natural/organic lotions and potions, take a look at what they offer.

Josh Rosebrook Skin and Haircare

Josh’s hairspray is hands down, the best ever. I’m also a fan of the Hydrating Accelerator. You can’t go wrong with any of his products, they are all A+!


Living Libations

Seabuckthorn Shampoo & Shine On Conditioner Duo made my hair look better than ever.

Osmia Organics

Sunset Body oil is the best. Smells great, frequently sold out.

Kari Gran

Her Lip Whip and the Balm are always in rotation.

Mahalo Skin Care

A favorite is Rare Indigo Balm, the scent is so tropical and soothing.

Kahina Giving Beauty

Lip and Face Balm is soothing, hydrating, and smells fantastic.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics

This was one of the very first brands I reviewed when I decided to go all natural! Her Eye Serum will give the eye area serious hydration.


I like using products from this brand because they are very gentle to my sensitive skin. Very soothing and nourishing. Excellent sun care!

W3LL People

I love their makeup!  I have tried quite a lot from this green beauty brand and love it all. I constantly use the BioTint Moisturizer and the Narcissist Stick Foundation as well as their face powders. *You can find this brand at Target!






RMS Beauty

I have many of these RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek balms and several of the LipShines. Big fan of these non-toxic products.

Hynt Beauty

Another natural brand with products I enjoy using all the time, especially their concealer and powders.

These are just a sample of excellent beauty products that are gentle and natural. 

Use them with peace of mind that you aren’t loading your system with toxins.