The latest in skincare from Avene, Dermalogica, and Algenist

See skin improve before your eyes with the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum, with Vitamins A, C, E, F all packed into microencapsulation!

That means that tiny doses of powerful vitamins are delivered right to where your skin needs it most. Fine lines and wrinkles are improved, this product helps with pigmentation, stimulates collagen and generally improves the look of your skin.

I just started using it and I am hooked!

I love a good facial scrub but I am also very picky (as you should be too). I don’t like anything too gritty that will take off the top layers of skin and leave my face red and raw. I want something that gently buffs the skin and removes any dead cells and impurities. Algenist Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel does the trick!

It combines Alguronic Acid and Glycolic Acid which helps increase cell turnover and creates a radiant appearance. I am dedicated to using this and probably use it more often than is recommended but I like it so much that I can’t stop.

I go back to Avene again and again because the products are gentle and they work. Here are my favorites, the Avene Retrinal Eyes and the D-Pigment Dark Spot Corrector LIGHT and D-Pigment Dark Spot Corrector RICH.

Thanks to years spent at the Jersey Shore wearing barely any sunscreen, I have dark spots on my face which I am very concerned about so I have been using the Dark Spot Corrector LIGHT. Both formulas help lighten dark spots without any harsh chemicals and are made with soothing Avene Thermal Water.

The Avene Retrinal Eyes soothes the sensitive eye area and smooths wrinkles, also decreases puffiness. This miracle cream also helps with dark circles and firms up the skin. Won’t irritate sensitive skin and can be used morning and night which is when I pat this gently around my eye area. If these is one product to splurge on, let it be a good eye cream followed by a fantastic moisturizer.