You Will Love This: Whet Nail Color

I found a new nail polish brand and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

I’ve been telling all of my friends about wHet nail polish.  After one coat, I knew it was a keeper.

The consistency is perfect, very smooth and not runny.  It also dries quickly leaving nails looking super shiny.  Although I didn’t get a professional manicure, you’d never know it because my nails look great.

Well, it’s more about the nail color than my actual nails but you get the idea.

Here’s what you need to know about wHet Nail Polish:

Crafted by the Founder of famed luxury bath and body care company, ME! Bath, Benjamin Nissanoff has tapped into the same artistic vision that he used to redefine the industry to unveil a universe of color and excitement with exclusive, limited edition nail lacquers that capture the fashion of the season. “By definition, the word ‘whet’ means to stimulate curiosity, appetite and desire. Our goal is to whet the appetites of our customers and inspire them to create their own paths and express their artistic vision,” explains Nissanoff... “It is 100% about the artist within.”

Unlike other brands that encourage the use of only their products, wHet’s avant-garde approach offers a unique open source system that has been tested and proven to work with a multitude of products and brands. 

This freedom ultimately allows the artist to explore without stringent guidelines and encourages them to create custom one-of-a-kind formulas.

I tried the shades of Quixotic, Serendipity and Nonchalant but really, I think I need every single color available.

During the summer months I especially like to keep my toenails painted and I’d like to have these colors in rotation.

Wouldn’t Salacious look great with some cute Tory Burch flip flops?