Care for dry hair – Klorane and NuNaat

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Two different hair care brands, both  amazing at nourishing dry hair like mine. I could go on and on about how my hair will never be as smooth as glass or as shiny as my glossy lips. My hair is frizzy and only when I take the time to really work at it does it not look, as my daughter calls it, fuzzy.

First up is Klorane, which I’m sure you know from their outstanding dry shampoo. I’m out of mine right now, bummer! But I have been using this line of Papyrus products which is gentle to fragile hair (like mine) and treat colored hair (like mine too) by nourishing the strands with Papyrus milk. FYI Papyrus is rich in fatty acids and lipids which treat the hair by making it stronger, more nourished and helps in getting rid of the frizz.

I shampoo and condition my hair with the Papyrus Milk products then treat the ends with the Hair Mask for a good moisture treatment. When that is rinsed out, I apply the No-Rinse conditionerto hair; I use a tiny amount on the top layer of hair which is in the worst shape. This product moisturizes the hair and keeps in soft. This line of products is ideal for people who suffer from the same awful frizzy dry locks as I do! I love how gentle these products are and I can’t get enough of the clean smell of all Klorane products.

nuNaat is another brand that makes nourishing hair products for thirsty locks. nuNaat offers a line of Karite infused products which serve to infuse the hair with moisture. The Nourishing Shampoo and Reconstructor both contain Shea Butterwhich is a wonderful ingredient to soften up hair. Hair is easy to comb through after using both the shampoo and re-constructor. The Anti-Frizz Therma Active Shea Butter is a leave in  cream that protects from heat styling- you know the hair killing culprits of blow dryers, flat irons and curling tools. Combing Shea Cream Butterkeeps hair fibers looking plump and healthy while detangling the hair. Ideal for someone who has thick locks that tend to be dry.

nuNaat’s Cream Mask with Shea Buttercan be applied to hair to give in depth hydration, leave on for twenty minutes and allow it to revitalize your tired tresses. I soak the very ends of hair in this and clip it up on top  of my head so it can work its magic.

You can learn more about Klorane here, and go here to read more about nuNaat. Its good to know there is help for hair like mine!

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