Get Gorgeous with Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care

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Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care
Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care

I’m always so thrilled to discover new brands that utilize green, clean ingredients. Tabitha James Kraan comes to us from England.

Tabitha James Kraan has been pioneering Organic Hairdressing for nearly 20 years. Constantly looking to eradicate harmful chemicals for the benefit of her salon guests, her team and the earth itself. Her journey led her to change her salon to natural and organic hair colour and care products in 1999 and she has recently created a collection of high performance, professional hair products, formulated using the purest natural ingredients whose properties nourish, enhance and protect – naturally and organically & made in England.

Her products are the “purest, cleanest, most organic hair products possible that work in harmony with the hair and the scalp.” They are also award winners! (look here)

Once I learned about this brand, I was eager to take some products for a spin. I use a wide variety of products but in my opinion, the more natural- the better!

I tried the TJK Organic Dry Shampoo, it’s excellent! Very light in texture and easy to apply. The scent is light and clean which I loved.

I tried the formula for fair hair which is awesome at covering roots in a pinch and it absorbs any grease, oil, or too much styling product.

This dry shampoo is also nice to use for giving hair a boost of volume. Its very fine in texture and super light.

Check out the ingredients: “burdock, nettle and comfrey which are blended with the cleansing powers of certified organic chestnut powder, tapioca powder, and natural bicarbonate of soda, a virtuoso of a recipe, finished off with a luscious infusion of organic essential oils, and not a chemical in sight.”

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care
TJK Organic Hair Perfume

I love a clean scent, one that’s not going to assault the senses with a sweet undertone but something that’s going to have an aroma therapeutic quality.  Its a challenge to find such a fragrance, and to be natural? Nearly impossible!

The TJK Organic Hair Perfume fills a tall order! It is a luxurious scent, one that I find myself spraying not only on my hair but around my entire being.

This incredible product is a blend of “essential oils of neroli and bergamot; with white tea and nettle to enhance colour and texture; lavender to soothe the scalp, and Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone for its mind-calming properties.”

This product gives hair a wonderful, just washed scent.

I am super impressed with Tabitha James Kraan’s products and would love to try everything that she has created.

There’s a Hair Oil (which looks insanely fabulous) and a  4-in-1 Conditioner that I think would be ideal for all hair types.

If you find yourself in the UK (lucky!) you can also visit the salon.

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