My Beauty Routine – My Daily Go-To Hair & Makeup Products


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I’ve been using these products every day and really like what they do.


First up is White Sands Glaze Plus, medium hold. Just a squirt of this gel-like product in your hair will help tame the frizz and give hair body. You don’t need a lot, in fact a tiny bit will do. Emulsify in your hands and run it through hair. It’s that simple.  Glaze Plus gives hair extra oomph and you don’t need another styling product along with it. 

Think of Glaze Plus as a multi-tasking hair product. It’s also alcohol free so it won’t dry out hair. A huge plus!


I’ve been shampooing my hair with Wella SP Luminous Shampoo. This shampoo comes out clear and smells wonderful, used over time it helps strengthen hair with a . I love products that are completely clear but do so much! I don’t understand how its possible. This cleans my hair, leaves it moisturized. After shampooing, a few sprays of the Wella SP Hydra Milk will work to soften dry hair.

It’s a leave-in conditioner/detangler that takes hay-like hair such as mine, and transforms it into spun silk. You get the idea. I know many salons that I’ve been to over the years swear by Wella. I didn’t know it was available to consumers until now.


I  have proclaimed my love for Peter Thomas Roth in the past. Everything I use from his line makes me so happy because it works! The Eye Overhaul Duo is a must-have in every woman’s arsenal. It features two eye creams in one jar. Part of the jar is the spf 30 day cream, the other part is the night cream.

In the jar is thick, rich eye cream for night and a lighter cream for day. Since the night cream is quite thick, I dab a little of the day cream on my eye area to smooth it out along with the night cream.

Recently I was on vacation and I wasn’t using my eye cream as much as I do when I am home, I also wasn’t  drinking a lot of water. My eye area looked so wrinkled, I came home wanting to get injectable fillers! Once I began my strict regimen of water drinking and  frequent eye cream applications, my eye area improved.

My only complaint about this duo is that there is more of the day cream than the night cream and the jar is small. I wish there was more in here. But as with all Peter Thomas Roth products, I like the fact that it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin and I feel his products always do what they say.  Also, check out the Instant Mineral Powder, a favorite of mine.


Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara will darken your lashes and leave them looking soft and pretty. I like this mascara because it keeps lashes looking thick and long but never spiky or dry. You can reapply Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara when you need to and it will not clump. It also washes off easily.

One or two coats of this and my lashes look dark yet natural all day. One of my favorite products from Bobbi Brown that is in constant use is the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, I love the shade of Forest Shimmer.