How to Tame Dry, Frizzy, Color-Treated Hair

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I swear I have tried one thousand different products to smooth this mess.

Like I’ve said, my dry, frizzy, color-treated hair looks like Jon Bon Jovi’s hair circa 1985 or Mel Gibson in Braveheart. I’ve been working on a series on improving frizzy hair since I’ve started blogging, so long ago.

Frizzy, dry, color-treated hair is a common complaint/concern for so many readers.

On my never-ending search for the best hair products for managing my frizzy hair, I found this girl’s videos on YouTube, she has several videos that are so fun to watch and she recommends numerous products to heal the frizz and breakage.

She’s been on a long journey to rebuild the condition of her hair and has tons of product reviews.  I just bought a few and will update my frizzy hair journey when I start to see a difference!

I’m looking for that WOW product or treatment that will turn things around and get me to love my hair.

I cut my hair pretty short recently and am using oils and sprays to keep the frizz to a minimum, I keep the heat styling on low and have been using the above curling iron to smooth my wavy hair that is super frizzy in parts.

The curling iron is the Pro-Beauty tools 1 1/2 Professional Iridescent Curling Iron, it’s sturdy and gets HOT.

The size is big enough for some loose curls, it also straightens hair if you glide it down the length of hair.  Heats up in 30 seconds and heats to 450*. 

The top of the iron stays cool so if you grab it from the top, you won’t burn your hand. I have watched countless YouTube videos on curling hair, straightening, hair, curling irons, flat irons, air drying, hot rollers, blowouts and am still at a loss!

The one thing I have learned is to condition your hair daily.

For dry, frizzy hair, the best thing you can do is keep hair hydrated.  Serums, oils, deep conditioners, heat protection sprays are all a must but maybe not all at once especially if you have thin hair like myself.

I use a soft tee shirt to blot excess water after washing, apply a nourishing oil overnight to soften hair while I sleep, and try to shampoo every other day- though if I go out, I need to wash and style as my hair gets greasy (but still frizzy) quickly!

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