Humidity and hair in NYC


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I flew out to the east coast for my twenty year high-school reunion recently and wow, I forgot all about the crazy humidityouidad-5802844 that lies  like a hot blanket all over the tri state area. My reunion was in New Jersey but I stayed with my pal in New York City where I fell in love with Manhattan all over again. Please, someone help me get back there so I can visit a few times a year! There has to be a way for me to work in New York but have a home base  in California…

But I digress! I met up with Caroline Leavitt, an amazing author (read her books, she’s brilliant!) and friend, and we strolled around Soho where I kept seeing Kelly Bensimon from the Real Housewives of NY. Everywhere I looked, there she was! Caroline and I ducked into Sephora where I was on a mission to score a sample of something to keep my frizzy locks under control. I say a sample only because of the TSA regulations which prohibits bringing liquids (over 3 ounces)  on a carry on.

In California, the heat is awful, like an oven set to broil, but in New York the heat is accompanied by such extreme humidity that I wore my hair pulled back the entire time I was there.  I ended up getting a small sample of Ouidad’s Climate Control hair gel which is a small miracle. This product helped soothe the unruly frizz of my locks and I’d love to get a full size bottle and use it every day.

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed Ouidad’s products  but I’d love to give them a whirl. Gone is the dream of having big, full  hair, now I’d like to have healthy long hair similar to that of Jennifer Aniston. And if that dream is to be fulfilled, I have to use the right products with the right styling techniques. I think Ouidad, formulated for hair like mine (frizzy, curly) might be the ticket to my dream locks.