If you battle frizzy hair, this awesome hair product will help

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I have written A LOT over the years about frizzy hair. My hairstylist tells me that it’s just the natural texture of my hair which I don’t like and have spent years trying to figure out how to style my hair into submission.

Several years ago, I used to do a treatment where I’d apply a protein solution to damp hair, then blow-dry into the consistency of wet, heavy straw. Then pass over with a flat-iron and try to ignore the fumes and smoke coming from the process.  I didn’t love it but it seemed to make my hair less frizzy. I’m intrigued with a Brazilian Blowout but don’t want to breathe in the formaldehyde, even if it might be minimal.

I think I have tried nearly every spray, cream, serum, keratin enriched conditioner available in the hopes that one magic potion will turn this mess into something different.

Recently I tried Frizz Ender,  and am really excited to tell you all about it.  If you, like myself, deal with disobedient locks and have been crying for help then check this out! Robert Fisch is the hair expert that created these products. With over 18 years of experience, he knows what he’s doing with hair!




These products are gentle, smell nice, and leave your hair soft. It removes the frizz without making hair heavy or feel coated in product.

Here’s what you need to know about Frizz Ender:

ALL FRIZZ ENDER  formulations contain a unique combination of pH balanced conditioners, humectants, anti-frizz cationic ingredients, infused with a specialized hydrolized wheat protein and healing botanical extracts.  Just what the busy health- conscious woman wants for herself and the safety  of the planet we all live on.  No harmful or smelly ingredients.  Safe to use even on kids.  All ingredients are FDA approved.  NO animal testing. Simple to use and simple to maintain. Will not change your curl pattern or make your hair flat. FRIZZ ENDER products leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, manageable while helping to eliminate damage.  Leaves your hair FRIZZ ENDER, frizz free.


This is SUPER easy to use.  I was nervous that I’d do something wrong and mess up but honestly if you follow the directions, its basically mistake proof. It’s not a long, complicated process either, it takes the time you’d normally spend styling your hair after washing it.

Wash with Clarity Shampoo.

Spray the Smoothing Complex all over damp hair. Come through, be sure to get the back and sides of your hair. They are easy to miss. You want to be sure to spray evenly all over.

Blow-dry hair. Go over your hair with a flatiron. (I use and love this one!)

Wait a full 24 hours before washing hair.


The products arrive in a neat little travel bag. This whole kit would be easy to take with you if you were traveling so you could maintain your frizz-free hair.

The Frizz Ender Smoothing Shampoo is one of my favorites, it’s gentle and leaves hair soft while helping to keep the frizz away. The Leave-In Treatment is light in consistency and doesn’t weigh hair down. You don’t need much, just about a quarter-sized amount for shoulder length hair.

I am really pleased with the Frizz Ender products. Besides the fact that my frizz is almost 100% gone, my hair still has natural volume. And as someone who likes products that don’t contain harmful toxins, these products are formulated without nasty chemicals.

You can find more information on the Frizz Ender website here!

Take a look at all the glowing reviews on Amazon, this is a product that people absolutely LOVE!

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