LiQWD hair care


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I have a new plan for my hair and this is it: get it into healthy shape. I’m sad that I won’t be sporting really big hair but the problem is that my hair was beginning to look like carpet fibers. My hair, in the back, was completely fuzzy. Beyond frizz…it was straight up fuzz.

I started using a big mirror to fix the back of my hair and was horrified to see the back and front looked like two different things completely. I started using serum and Macadamia nut oil to calm the appalling strands of hair, which worked- sort of. My poor damaged hair.

Enter the LiQWD brand of haircare, I couldn’t ask for a more better line of products. The orange is for Volumizing and the blue is for Hydrating. Ideal for flat limp strands like mine that also need a big boost!

The Hydrating shampoo and conditionergently cleanse and add moisture to thirsty locks with nano-hydration. These  didn’t weigh my delicate locks down but infused some much-needed moisture. There’s a terrific deep conditioner called Intensive Hair Repair which you leave on for a few minutes, then rinse out. You will note a difference in the softness of your hair after one use.

The Volumizing products  contain “Nano-Hydrasphere™ technology to infuse hair’s critical cortex layer with proprietary volumizing compounds.” Hair is soft with extra volume. I love the spray-on volumizer called Volumizing Catalyst which makes hair full and bouncy but not sticky or dry.  Rachel Zoe is a fan of this product!

Another necessary product for dry hair is the spray-on Professional Smoothing Catalyst which calms fuzzy hair, adds moisture and smooths hair. I use it with my round brush to pull those waves out and make my hair straighter.

 is a light gel-like serum that can be used to create a smooth look, or can bring out curls/waves depending on how you want to use it. I will add a small amount to the lower half of my hair then blow dry smooth. I can also scrunch my hair to bring out the curls if I’m in the mood. I always spray the Smoothing Catalyst first to add that  much needed moisture. A few spritzes of the Volumizing Catalyst and I’m ready for the heat styling.

There’s a lot science behind the products with nifty technology geared towards aiding hair like my mine which is both complex, being  frizzy but also flat and fine.  The ingredients used in the LiQWD products are gentle to color treated, delicate hair which is necessary for almost every woman- nearly everyone I know colors her hair.

I am using these products sparingly, I don’t want to run out. For more information, to read more or learn about LiQWD products, please go here.