Natural hair color that works!


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If I could run back to the Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills every three weeks to have my roots touched up, I would. I loved the great color Kazumi gave me and Mika knew just how to cut my lank locks without taking too much off the length.

Alas, I don’t have the cash or the time at this moment to head back there so I had to find an at home color to touch up the dark roots that are showing. My hair is naturally a dark blonde, what I refer to as “mouse fur blonde” but when that new growth starts coming in, it’s a big contrast to the pale golden color I prefer.

I’m guessing that most women who color their hair naturally have that gray-brown-blonde color. Its hideous!

I know my hair is damaged from years of at home color and improper heat styling. Mika told me to be gentle with my hair so I decided to give this natural color a try.

I found Naturtint  at my local health food store. Its a no ammonia color that somehow dyes the hair without harmful chemicals.

I hemmed and hawed about using it, nervous that my hair would turn a weird color or that it would smell bad or possibly  not work at all. I read through the directions which were a little different than my usual hair color instructions. No problem though, I could comprehend what needed to be done!

After my time was up, I rinsed and conditioned then grabbed my blowdryer to dry and examine the color. And I’m so happy! Very natural color that looks perfect. No tell tale roots, no brassiness, nothing out of the ordinary.

I’m thrilled to find a gentle hair color that does not smell, will not dry out or damage hair. It covers gray too. This product is not much more expensive than  other at-home hair colors, I highly recommend it. I found Naturtint on Amazon but a quick Google search will probably give you more places to buy it.

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