Should we just say no to the Brazilian Blowout?


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For quite some time I’ve been seriously considering a Brazilian blowout. I’m tired of fighting with my hair trying to smooth it into submission with products and irons. I decided that I’d go for it- I’d get a Brazilian Blowout. I heard that Jennifer Aniston has a Brazilian, and that’s all the information I needed. Sign me up! If my hair could look half as good as hers then by all means, put chemicals on my hair and make it pretty.


I mentioned this to a fellow beauty editor the other evening and she recoiled in horror. “Don’t do it!” she said and proceeded to inform me about the toxic formaldehyde in the formula. Formaldehyde is the same stuff that is used to preserve dead bodies,  used in funeral homes and science labs. You might have seen those weird glass jars with dead frogs in them when you were in highschool science class.

The percentage  of formaldehyde used is small but enough to scare me away. Companies are very savvy about changing up the name and coming up with variants of this chemical.  I’ve been trying to research the truth and came up with a mixed bag of answers.

Formaldehyde is a known cancer causing substance, trace amounts are still in your hair after the treatment. So if you have a new baby, children, pets, and you hold them close, they can breathe it in via your hair.

I thought this was an insightful article, click here, they discuss this very topic.  Then I searched a little more and found this information from A Mom in Red High Heels, writen by Brazilian Blowout expert Jordana. After so much reading, I was even more confused.

formaldehyde1-201x300-8680674I pondered the state of my hair and wondered about after the Brazilian blowout washes out,  what will my hair look like then? Will it be worse than before? Because that is not an option. If it washed out to what it was, that is okay. But if it leaves my hair in a terribly weakened state, or worse, if it falls out, that is not okay. Are the chemicals enough to do long term damage and why would I risk my health for my hair? Coloring it is bad enough!

I feel like I need a completely unbiased opinon, maybe from a scientist or chemist. But with the way technology is improving, surely there will be a non toxic hair straightener in the near future. So until then, the only Brazilian I’ll be getting is the wax.

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