Smooth, Clean Hair! Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil

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Im obsessed with these products and have run through the shampoo in record time! These products not only smell absolutely amazing, like tropical coconuts, it has multiple uses: shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! The scent reminds me of the beach.
Here’s what you need to know:

A versatile and gentle cleanser that removes impurities while adding essential moisture to the hair and skin. Conditions and provides balanced care for the hair and skin while helping to maintain and preserve hair color. Skin is left soft, smooth and nourished.

There are so many benefits to Organic Coconut Oil. It contains a fatty acid called lauric acid which gives the oil a structure that can penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut oil has moisture retaining properties, its full of Vitamin E,  it protects hair from protein loss, and it reduces hair breakage.

I have been using this shampoo consistently and my hair is smoother than usual but not weighed down. It’s creamy and rich but it rinses thoroughly and leaves hair feeling soft. It adds moisture to dry hair like mine which is color treated and tends to be very frizzy.
You only need one little drop of the Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment for shoulder length hair. This serum (similar to the famous Biosilk serum) can be used as a moisturizer for the skin as well as hair.
It calms frizz, keeps flyaways in place, and gives hair shine. You can apply to either wet or dry hair, I focus on the very ends of my hair where it tends to be the driest. I also use any leftover on my skin so I can smell like coconut.
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