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Stronger hair now with these products

Stronger hair now with these products

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I’ve been using and loving this Purifying Clay Shampoo from Rene Furterer. Its gentle to the scalp, cleanses without leaving a residue, leaves hair soft.  I  have an oily scalp with dry ends so a product like this is perfect if you have the same issue. You only need a small amount, apply to scalp only to remove and purify any oils.


This one-step deep-cleansing shampoo and mask for oily scalps features Curbicia extract, Rhassoul clay and a blend of Thyme, Rosemary and Clove essential oils to enhance volume and shine while extending time between washings.

This shampoo helps restore balance to the scalp and gently cleanses.  Hair is less greasy/oily and in overall better condition. I love the tub versus a tube or bottle!


Need more info? Go here!


To keep hair strong and healthy, you aren’t supposed to wash/heat style daily which is where dry shampoo comes in! Klorane makes the BEST dry shampoo ever and I absolutely love it. This absorbs oil and grease and freshens hair immediately. I have used this to soak up excess hair serum too. Sometimes I go overboard on the styling products and this rescues me from a horrible bad hair day!

Nettle is one of the key ingredients, it reduces oil.  This dry shampoo is for brown or dark hair so it blends right in, it’s very gentle, smells great, uses natural mineral pigments to blend color.

If I had a Hall of Fame for beauty products, this one would be there! I like both the aerosol and the powder.

I always take a dry shampoo with me while traveling so I don’t have to keep redoing my hair and I can relax a little!

Check it out here.



Who doesn’t want their hair to be strong and healthy? You will love these products, from Klorane. If you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of this brand!

The Keratin Strength Spray smells really good, its the first thing I noticed.  Its vegan, plus free of parabens and sulfates, which is always important to me. The spray nourishes hair fibers, helps tone the scalp, repairs dry and damaged hair and as a result, hair looks healthy and full.

The Keratin Capsules nourish hair with ingredients that work to strengthen and improve hair growth. Keratin and biotin help keep hair strong and full, zinc and selenium are excellent nutrients for immune function, they also aid in thyroid health and mood!

There is a whole line of products from Klorane geared towards fine, thinning hair. Together the products help revitalize hair and leaves hair looking thicker and fuller. I cant wait to try more and report back to you!

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