The Best Hairspray You Need NOW

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As a teen in the 80’s, I knew my way around a can of hairspray. I teased my bangs so that they stood out from my forehead, styled the sides in Farah Fawcett wings then locked that hair down with cheap, aerosol hairspray. 

The walls in the bathroom were sticky with residue,  my face and neck were often crispy in places where I accidently sprayed.

I probably went through a can of hairspray a month. A big, aerosol can filled with cancer causing ingredients that I inhaled and allowed to soak through my tender teenaged skin.

When I started looking at toxins in beauty products, I determined there was nothing I could do about the hairspray, I’d have to accept the fact that it was toxic but I needed it, end of story.

But then I discovered a couple of all natural hairsprays which gave me a shimmer of hope.
And then this.

This Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Hairspray is everything.

It keeps hair in place without making it look stiff and crunchy. It will brush out/wash out easily and it will not cause hair to look dry or frizzy. Not only that, but it smells light and pleasant. You only need a few spritzes and you are good for hours. All day even. I have traveled numerous times and have used this in the early, early morning hours and by night, my hair is still perfect. My face is tired and worn, but my hair? Perfection.

Check out the ingredients, many of which are organic:
Aqua, *Brown Rice Extract, *Yucca Starch, *Vegetable Glycerin, *Sage, *Thyme, *Peppermint, *Rosemary Leaf , *Horsetail, *Lavender, *Oregano, §Xanthan Gum, §Potassium Sorbate, †Orange Essential Oil, †Lavender Essential Oil, †Rosemary Essential Oil, †Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.
I use this hairspray when I style my hair and I can honestly say its the best one on the market, better than any conventional or natural one you can find. Not only do I love this product but many other natural beauty-loving people give it very high reviews!

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