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If you want soft, healthy hair, you need to check out the Shea Moisture Silicone Free Miracle Styler. This leave-in treatment leaves out the harmful toxins I try to avoid including mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and sulfates.
I spray this into my hands then apply throughout my color treated, dry hair and blow dry. I only use a tiny bit because my hair is so fine. It detangles, reduces frizz, smooths unruly hair, and protects against heat like blow dryers or the sun. I think this product would be excellent for those with curls and thick hair, you could liberally spray then use a detangling brush and enjoy smooth locks!
Silicones are not so great for hair because it smothers the hair shaft, so this styling product is a great alternative. You get the smoothing properties with none of the build-up that occurs when you use products with silicone.
I always like products from SheaMoisture, they are available online and in stores almost everywhere! Plus the products always smell amazing. Worth your time to check out! They have amazing body washes and body butters, I am a big fan of this brand!

I love the Macadamia Professional products I’ve tried including the shampoo which nurtures my hair so nicely that I went through the bottle in record time. I was so excited to try this, Nourishing Moisture Leave-In Protein Treatment. I need all the help I can get with this frizzy mop!
Some things that have helped me with frizz is using a soft tee shirt, not a towel after washing hair, to absorb water. I use a good conditioner everytime I shampoo my hair. Also, I skip cheap hairspray and use either Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray or one by DevaCurl that leaves hair held in place but not stiff.

The Nourishing Moisture Leave-In Protein Treatment restores hair by using the power of protein: Soy protein is used to help strengthen and add moisture to the hair, while rice protein has many volumizing benefits. Quinoa protein helps to prevent hair from environmental stress, such as pollution, and cold air, providing nutrients and moisture.

Imagine dry, color treated hair as being weak and porous, full of holes, the protein in the Protein Treatment helps fill the holes so hair is stronger and healthier looking.
I love using this product! It adds moisture to hair, protects from heat and environmental stress, gives hair a dose of vitamins and minerals thanks to nutrient dense ingredients and increases elasticity.
Check out the full line of products!

Another hair product that uses the protein power of quinoa is Quinoaplex by ONC! This is a treatment you can use once and immediately see an improvement. Everyone who colors their hair would be wise to use this, so that hair stays strong.

This product transforms hair when hydrolyzed and molecules are then small enough to get through the cuticles of the hair to penetrate into the hair shaft.

Quinoaplex protects hair from the harsh rays of the sun, the heat of a blowdry or curling iron (or both). This is a treatment you can use a few different ways:
On The Go (1 min.) Spray in to clean hair. Go!
Quick (5 min.) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray into hair. Section the hair as it is used. Lather. (Protects hair more if not rinsed.)
Regular (10-15 min.) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray into hair. Section the hair as it is used. Lather. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse. (Rinsing is optional.)
Pro (15-20 min.) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray into the hair. Section the hair as it is used. Lather. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse. Use conditioner. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse.
Here is what you need to know about this product:

Its an organic-based bond builder and protein conditioner, binds, moisturizes, and nourishes with natural quinoa protein. It restores even the most damaged hair, giving volume, strength and protection. It improves color retention. With certified organic ingredients in its formulation, it rebuilds hair damaged during chemical color or bleaching.

I normally hate my hair but when I use something to smooth the frizz plus a treatment to add protein, reduce breakage and fill in the dry, porous ends, it can look good and then I will have whats known as a “good hair day!” Find out more here!
What products do you  use to combat frizz and dryness?