2 Mac Cosmetics Must-Haves: Superglass Lip Gloss & Opulash Mascara

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2 things –

1. Voluminous Lashes
2.  Glossy Lips

It’s harder than you think to find outstanding products that give you exactly what you want.

I saw an ad for the MAC Opulash Mascara and immediately wanted to try it.  And I did!

The results of MAC’s Opulash Mascara didn’t disappoint. The brush coats the lashes, bringing them to life with a bit of curl and color.  A few coats of this mascara in quick succession, concentrating on the ends of the lashes made them really long and they fanned out beautifully.  Even the tiny lashes on the ends received color and looked thicker.  I swiped the bottom lashes quickly for color.

The big test on whether or not I love a mascara is how easily it comes off!  I detest having to really scrub mascara off, usually a few lashes will fall out when I do that and I don’t have them to spare.  So I was thrilled that this mascara came off easily in the shower.  A warm washcloth pressed to the lashes removed most of it, a little eye-friendly cleanser took case of the rest.

MAC’s Opulash Mascara is a winner in my book!  Highly recommended!  Available at Nordstrom only until May 27th, then you can find it at all MAC locations.

And now, for the gloss…

I don’t understand people who like matte color or even worse- no color!  I love gloss and shine!  I want you to see your reflection in my lips.  Like the Opulash before, I was all atwitter to try out MAC’s Superglass.  And I’ve been using it nonstop.  The gloss contains teeny little “helicone” pearls which add sparkle and dimension to lips.

A friend told me yesterday that she doesn’t wear gloss because of the tackiness… not  this one.  It’s not sticky and feels heavenly on the lips.  There’s a slight vanilla essence to this gloss as well so not only does it feel amazing but it smells lovely. Wear it alone or over lipstick. 

Sometimes I’ll do a little lip stain (try the MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers as a base) then top it with gloss. 

I’ve been wearing the pink-peach shade of Gift Wrap which I pair with a peachy lip color underneath.

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