A day with CoverGirl, Molly R. Stern and Rashida Jones


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The Byron &Tracey Salon is a place where on any given day, you might find Lindsay Lohan drastically changing her hair color or maybe Cameron Diaz getting highlights. Rachel Zoe is a well known client and these are just a few of the people who trust their tresses to the gifted hands of Byron, Tracey and their staff of hip stylists.


Today HelloDollface attended a CoverGirl event where celeb makeup artist Molly R. Stern showcased new CoverGirl products on the actress Rashida Jones. Molly and Rashida are both super funny which made the whole thing entertaining.

Molly took her time with Rashida, explaining how it takes hours to get red carpet ready by layering colors and using different products to achieve a camera ready glow. I would love to have a makeup artist work on me every day before I leave the house. 


Rashida is every bit as gorgeous as you’d imagine. We chatted about our mutual love for The Real Housewives and Andy Cohen. I must meet Andy. I’m dreaming up pitches for BRAVO shows right now.

Molly loves the Lash Blast Length mascara and recommended using that excellent mascara wand with other mascaras since the wand applies color to every single lash. I’m going to love playing around with the new liquid liners and I was thrilled to hear CoverGirl is offering a new serum to make cosmetic application a snap.


 ignore me, focus on the adorable and talented Molly R. Stern!

Later I chatted with Molly R. (the R stands for Rebecca) about using blush (she’s a big fan of the pink cheek!) and blotting obsessively with powder, something I’m guilty of, versus letting the face look dewy. She recommends blotting papers over powder. A dewy look is better than a matte face!

I decided that this summer, I’d really tone down my makeup and go for a natural look…

…I decided this before I viewed the photos of me taken during the day. After seeing the pictures, I need put MORE makeup on, plus find a way to get a little botox, a little Juvaderm and a Heidi Montag sized make over.

Do photos of yourself make you cringe? Do you want to sit in a corner and sob or research plastic surgeons? Moving on…

Tomas loves the light hold of L’oreal Elnett because it doesn’t weigh hair down

The salon so kindly offered blow-outs and makeup artists were there to apply the new CoverGirl products. I was so busy eating quiche and staring at Rashida that I missed my opportunity to get my makeover. I did however, score a trim by Tomas, a hugely gifted hair stylist.

He expertly cut off my (very) dead ends and shaped up my hair. I was so thrilled to get my hair cut by someone who didn’t wear an apron or a name tag. Please know I don’t have it in my budget to get my hair done at a salon like this so it was a huge treat to get an expert cut! Tomas recommended I throw in some low lights to give my hair more depth and yes, I love that idea. Anything to bring me closer to Jennifer Aniston hair.


the photo is not to show off me but the haircut

What a fantastic day. The weather was absolutely perfect and I needed a day of relaxation and a bit of luxury too. Thank you CoverGirl and the Byron & Tracey Salon. 

Be sure to check out all products that CoverGirl offers, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the choices and colors of this brand. I’m a huge Lash Blast fan and the lip glosses are the shiniest you will find!

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