Always Seeking the Perfect Foundation

maybelline foundation

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I was in CVS waiting for a prescription to be filled and I began strolling the cosmetics aisles.  Always a bad idea!  I walk away with things I initially had no intention of purchasing. 

Isn’t my bathroom counter littered with beauty products? 

Yes, it is! 

But I still manage to discover new products that I need right now!

I love the mineral powders I’ve been using.  The Bare Minerals Matte is awesome plus it contains a SPF which makes me so happy, but I’m literally scraping the bottom of the pan right now.

When I saw the Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline, I grabbed it.   And I really wanted to rewind my age to about twenty-two.  Just on the outside, why would I ever give up the wisdom and experience I’ve gain since then?

This product boasts the ability to erase fine lines and skin discoloration plus it offers an SPF of 18.  I love the applicator which is super soft and allows me to dot the foundation on my face then blend easily with a sponge or brush.  It’s definitely moisturizing and keeps my skin soft. I don’t know if it rewound my age but I’d recommend it for older skin that needs hydration.

I saw this Dream Matte Mousse advertised as Pore Reducing and Matte- a few of my favorite words relating to my skin.

I love the whipped texture of this Dream Matte mousse, I like how it blends nicely into my skin. Amazing that it really covers my (many) flaws but not in a heavy, pancakey way. I dot this on and use my foundation brush from MAC to blend.

I still have visible pores- I think I should give up on finding a foundation that will make my skin look like a magazine cover- but I really do like this one.  Just a puff of my MAC powder or MakeUp Forever HD Powder over this gives great coverage and makes my pothole sized pores (almost) undetectable.

I often recommend Maybelline to friends because it’s reasonably priced, great quality and easy to find at major retailers and drugstores. 

Give it a whirl!

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