Awake Cosmetics: luxury stardom line


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Awake Cosmetics is a luxury brand sold in high- end stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Bendel’s. Stores that smell like fragrant French perfumes and offer items like cashmere this and imported that. Stores that sell Jimmy Choos and Stella McCartney. Ahhhh.

This Japanese brand launched in the US back in 1997. I read about Awake cosmetics in a magazine and wondered why I had never tried this brand before! Behold, glamour girls! I bring you much needed information about Awake.

I was lucky to try out some items from the new Stardom line. First you must imagine the beautiful, modern packaging, all red and silver with their little silver icon that looks like a leaf unfurling. I could just tell, my cosmetic sixth sense if you will, that this was going to be good. And it was.

The Lip Lacquer is housed in a rectangular tube and I tested a brownish, pinkish, sparkly color. This isn’t usually my hue but I really dug it. It may be called Elf Brown but trust me, it’s a gorgeous color with excellent non tacky texture.

I am so picky about my mascaras. If my lashes aren’t instantly longer or fuller or more voluminous, forget it. I was very pleasantly surprised that this Side Long Lash mascara was as good as it is! The wand has a special edge to it so you can go back and coat your lashes with extra color or get those tiny often missed lashes. The color I used was Glossy Black, is there anything better than long glossy lashes?

The Gem Glint liner in Palmetto Brown is a liquid liner in a brownish hue. Metallic and water resistant, this liner is fabulous to call attention to your eyes. The color sparkles and you can get close to your lash line with the very fine point.

The Aqua Trans Powder contains 77% water and is super hydrating.

“Botanical powder prevents skin inflammation and nourishes skin with natural anti-oxidants.”

The container comes with a soft puff and its own case. The color I tested is called Golden Honey and I use it instead of a bronzer, a little something to even out my skin. I’ve never tried a powder created with so much water! I’m impressed.

I loved trying out this new (to me!) brand. The Stardom line is so hip with neat technology and flattering colors. I’m so thrilled to introduce you to this line.