Mascara Madness: The Lowdown on the Best Mascara for Long, Lush Lashes


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Lancome Cils Design Pro

They say: Transform your eyes…with a true-false lash effect!

I say: Here is a mascara for those of you who like really long lashes! It’s a two step process: first apply the Hi-Pro Stretch Brush which makes your lashes longer, then use the comb to reach every single lash. The combination of these steps truly makes lashes look long and beautiful.

Benefit Get Bent

They say: Like a push-up bra for your lashes.

I say: This brush is perfect for reaching those tiny lashes, it does a great job on the lower lashes too. No clumping! Ideal for reaching every single lash.

Bad Gal Lash

They say: The biggest, baddest lashes!

I say: Yes! Big lashes indeed! If you like your eyelashes thick (I do!) and dramatic, this is the mascara for you. Check out the size of the brush! Take your time so the mascara doesn’t clump.

Redpoint Mascara

I had never heard of this brand so my expectation were low- it takes a lot for me to really love a mascara. But surprise! Redpoint delivers!

Sold on QVC, They say: designed to create a high gloss look with encapsulated pigments that allow for more intense shine and color.

I say: if you are looking for an all around great mascara, give this one a whirl. Lashes were coated with rich color and given a boost. This could easily stand up to department store brands.

Bourjois YES to Volume

They say:Ultra-volumizing clump-proof mascara

I say: I was surprised at the little tiny comb applicator. Look at it! I didn’t expect my lashes to look so long or pretty. Definitely exceeded my expectations. This mascara is totally clump free and each lash is coated without looking too thick or goopy.

Lash Fusion

They say: No clumping, no flaking, no smudging, no kidding.

I say: True that! This is another great all around kind of mascara that does everything it says. It’s a good one for when you are on the go and don’t want to fuss with curling your lashes or applying more than one coat of mascara.

Coup de Theatre

Another Bourjois mascara! They say: Get the illusion of false eyelashes…without the fuss.

I say: There is a tiny bit of fuss, just a bit. First coat lashes with the micro fiber enriched side, then apply the color. My lashes were longer for sure thanks to the teeny fibers that attach themselves to your lashes, the color was nice and dark and everything washed off easily.

I sampled a tube of FiberWig mascara after my friend Catherine raved about it. It makes lashes look longer thanks to microfibers and it washes off very easily with soap and water. You can buy it at Tarte Lights Camera Lashes is always a good mascara and I recommend it for everything- lengthening and thickening. I hear good things about MAC mascara and that one is surprisingly affordable. I love my Yves St. Laurent mascara too. If I had to choose one product to take on a deserted island (besides sunscreen) mascara would be it!

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