Best No-Makeup Makeup Looks for Natural Face, Eyes, and Lips

Best no-makeup Makeup - makeup-scene-with-eyeshadow-palette

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I don’t know about you, but I rarely, if ever, wake up looking my best. The best no-makeup looks we all see on our Instagram feeds are never actually achieved without makeup. Our goal today is finding the best no-makeup makeup products for that perfect natural face.

I was in need of a foundation with good coverage that would last all day and when I saw this at Target, I grabbed it.

Don’t even tell me how toxic this one is!

I know.

And what makes it worse is that it’s really good, great coverage and long lasting.

Yes, there are really great foundations by W3ll People, Nu Evolution, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and Hynt but I happened to be in the store and bought this one. I haven’t purchased anything impulsively since going green and care.

Each purchase is typically researched and vetted for ingredients.

If you are not concerned with ingredients in conventional makeup (I admit to being less concerned with makeup than skin and body care) then you might want to give this foundation a whirl. It’s called Fit Me from Maybelline.

I don’t think I have used anything from Maybelline in years!  I tossed it in my cart and was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out yesterday.

It has medium coverage and lasted all day long, into the evening, without fading.  If you want to talk a walk on the conventional side, try it out!

I have been trying the BB Eye Cream from Klorane, which is perfect for the eye area thanks to the cool rollerball which is soothing to puffy eyes! I have tired eyes and dark circles which are very pronounced in the morning. If I want to improve the situation, I reach for this!

The cream contains soothing cornflower that instantly aids the look of tired eyes.  It also helps conceal dark circles while brightening the entire area. I can use this by itself or use as my first step in my whole makeup routine which features a good concealer, a primer, foundation and then blush and mascara.

I highly recommend this for those like me, who need a boost upon waking! I love Klorane, products are so gentle and they work very well.  Go here for more!

New and amazing is the latest Kari Gran Lip Whip in the color of Jeannie.

If you are new to Lip Whips, these are little pots of ultra hydrating lip balm with a little color and plenty of moisture. I admit I was hesitant at first when I saw this color which looked to be a bit dark for my pale skin.  But it’s pretty sheer and gives lips a hint of color which is perfect.

Here’s some background info on Jeannie:

The inspiration behind the new Lip Whip is Jeannie Oliver. As a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach, fitness nutrition specialist, personal trainer and classically trained chef, Jeannie has taken her passion for helping people and turned it into a reality by empowering people to reshape the relationship between food, their bodies and ultimately, their lives.

This is made from a blend of organic oils, organic beeswax, and non-GMO vitamin E, and a little organic peppermint essential oil which is nearly undetectable. This light, sheer plum shade is perfect for all complexions.

You can always apply more if you want deeper, richer color but a little swipe is all I do and I love it.

For more on Kari Gran and her amazing Lip Whips, please go here.