Go Big and Feel Sexy with Buxom Cosmetics


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My favorite lip gloss of all time is BUXOM.

BUXOM lip glosses offer the most perfect creamy texture plus high shine.  These lip products come in a variety of pretty colors to suit all moods and skin tones.

The packaging is flirty and feminine, can you tell I’m a fan?  Buxom gloss is one of the products where when I run out, I buy more.

Smooth this lip balm over your mouth for moisture and hydration!

This balm reacts with your lips pH to create a unique shade. It’s a very nice texture, soft and smooth like a chapstick. Not sticky at all!  Lips might tingle the slightest bit, it’s not painful or irritating but a pleasant sensation.

My lips were plumped a little, the color turned a mid-tone pink like a stain. 

Use alone or with gloss over it.

I love the feeling of it!

If I could only use one gloss for the rest of my life it would be the Buxom Lip Polish!

Not only does this have the best non-sticky texture, but it makes the lips look super glossy. Lips are never dry thanks to the moisture this gloss provides.

Buxom Lip Polish

Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

Buxom’s Full-On Plumping Lip Polish is a bestselling, plumping lip gloss that delivers mesmerizing shine with a refreshing, tingly sensation.  A unique peptide complex helps to plump your pout to new levels, while vitamins A and E provide lasting moisture for soft and luscious lips.

Available in a vast range of shades and sparkly, pearlescent, or shimmering finishes that transform your pout in a single swipe.

Wear it alone or layer this top coat over your favorite lip product to play up any shade.

My favorite shades are the ones with a little shimmer.

There are so many colors to choose from, you will find at least a couple that you like!

My faves include: Dolly is a light mauve shimmer, Kelly which is a pink with sparkle, Kristen is petal pink and Kanani which is more of a bright glossy pink.

Sometimes I mix colors together or wear them over lipstick, they are super versatile.

Next up in Buxom’s amazing line is Buxom’s PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder.

It’s a neat powder to cream, slightly matte lip color.  It stays on for quite a while without fading – I wore this all morning and didn’t need a touch-up!

Buxom Lip Powder

Pillowpout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder

Here’s what you need to know:

Thanks to its innovative wet powder technology and a mess-free sponge applicator, this weightless, pout-plumping pigment glides seamlessly across lips to deliver rich color that never feels dry or tight.

The smudge-proof formula provides a soft and sexy stained effect that stays put for up to eight hours no matter what you get up to during the day or night.

Available in ten vivid shades designed to build to your perfect coverage, ranging from subtle nudes to bold berries.

I don’t think I have ever used anything quite like this before!  Ideal for those who don’t like a shiny lip but nicely pigmented color.

buxom-true hue blush


True Hue Blush


True Hue Blush

I’m deeply in love with this blush!

It’s so hard to find a blush that won’t wear off by the end of the day which is one of the main reasons I use True Hue everyday.  Finely milled, highly pigmented, this blush from Buxom (Bare Escentuals) features “rhodiola, an arctic plant root that makes cheeks appear refreshed.”

It has a very light consistency and the color is easy to build and blend.  There are eight colors to choose from.  My favorites are Luvitate which will inevitably draw comparisons to NARS Orgasm, and Rendezvous which is a dark raspberry but appears nice and pink on the cheeks.

I go between these colors depending on my mood.

I can go on and on about my love for Buxom’s awesome products.  I recommend you try one of them for yourself… you won’t be disappointed.

A few more of my new favorites from Buxom Cosmetics:


Full-On Lip Cream is straight- up gloss, no shimmer or glimmer. High shine and very natural looking. Another fabulous gloss that gives lips a bit of oomph. You can use this by itself or over lipstick, it’s lovely either way. Bonus! Great hydration too.

Plumpline Lip Liner is ideal for those who want to give lips definition, it’s very soft and creamy! A built in brush helps to contour so you can get the perfect lip line. I’ve used this as a lip stick as well, its so smooth that you can use it to line lips or as a lip stick on its own.

Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick, a highly pigmented lip color is bright and bold. This comes in satin and matte varieties, I always like shine but matte is very in style right now.

Full-On Lipstick this one defines, fills and plumps lips! This product is the best of everything and is the one I reach for the most.  Very hydrating and silky smooth.

Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick is a plumping liquid lipstick that offers a matte finish. Lightweight texture and good pigment.