DIY Eyelash Growth Serum


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A few years ago, my eyelashes were super long and lush. I had been using a great eyelash growth serum that worked wonders plus a mascara that created ultra long lashes. They practically reached my eyebrows!

When I ran out of both the lash serum and the mascara, I tried something new but nothing could compare. Lately I’ve felt that my eyelashes were looking a little sparse so I turned to castor oil to help.

This oil is a true miracle worker when it comes to lash health. It contains omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and protein.

I mixed a pinch of coconut oil with the castor oil in a small clean container. I apply it two ways, one is along my lash line using a thin small brush. The castor oil is very nourishing so your lashes will get a nice surge of hydration. I have also seen people add some Vitamin E (lengthens lashes)  oil to the mix along with Sweet Almond Oil. Usually the main ingredient is the castor oil with smaller doses of other oils mixed in.

The other way I apply it is on the lashes themselves using a clean mascara wand. I bought an extra wand from ELF at Target.

You can also do a coconut oil/lavender oil blend. The lavender has many benefits, one of which is hair growth. The coconut oil is ultra nourishing and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Rosemary oil is another oil that I’ve seen for natural lash growth. You can add a couple of drops to castor oil and apply. Rosemary has been known to stimulate hair growth much like lavender.  I would recommend only using a few drops of the essential oils.

Do this every night for about a month to see results. 

I switch off between the castor oil and coconut lavender oil blends. 

Only do this on clean eyes and I recommend doing it before you go to bed!