Fabulous Drugstore Makeup and Hair Products for Under $10


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I love drugstore products. And they seem to get better and better and the choices are plentiful. Don’t fret if you don’t have hundreds to spend on fancy department store brands, your local CVS or Walgreens will afford you plenty to choose from. I could stroll the aisles of my Super Target for hours and find fabulous products for under ten dollars.

Here’s what I’ve been using lately:

L’Oreal’s EverPure UV Protect Spray keeps your color treated hair safe by filtering out UVA/UVB rays. If you aren’t keen on wearing a hat each time you go in the sun- which may be every time you walk from your house to the car- then I suggest you use this spray. Keep those color treated locks safe from fading. After I color my hair, this is a must have to keep color from quickly dissolving. Beware of the damage sun can do to your hair and skin. This has a nice smell that won’t interfere with perfume.

EverStrong Overnight Hair Treatment is one of my favorite products lately and here’s why- you apply this at night and leave it on while you sleep.  I use a generous amount, concentrating on the frizzy end of my hair. When I get up and rinse it out, using a gentle nourishing shampoo (the Aveeno one works well) my hair is in better shape. Instead of my hair looking like a fuzzy stuffed animal that you might win at the fair, my locks look like…real hair.

Along with wanting my hair smooth and silky, I also want it huge.  Big and healthy and full. Spraying got2be Fat-tastic Collagen Infusion root spray gives my hair oomph.

I  part my hair after its been towel dried, then spray this on the roots before blow drying. This spray adds volume and dimension. With all the lotions and serums and oils I’ve been using to get my hair smooth, it needs a product to pump up the volume and this one does the trick!

True story: bI’m totally pale and go to great lengths to stay out of the sun. During my kids soccer season, I sat with a little umbrella over my head so not a peek of sun would touch my skin. Therefore, I am always always pale like a vampire  from the Twilight movie.

I depend on self tanners to add a tiny bit of bronze to my skin during the summer months. Everyone looks good with a little color, don’t they? And I’m glad technology has improved to the point where self tanners don’t smell like chemicals.  L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze comes in a can that you can spray anywhere on your body, this works especially well for legs and hard to reach places like the back. It does NOT smell like chemicals, it has a nice light orange smell.

My recommendation for applying a spray tan is to get in the shower, step on a towel or washcloth and spray. When you are done, simply rinse the shower. One year I sprayed my skin with abandon and my bathroom floor was orange by the end of the day.

I tested Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation today and was pleasantly surprised. It’s hard to find a good foundation, one that won’t settle into pores or look chalky.

This foundation is liquid and is easily applied with fingers or a sponge. It did not settle into my fine lines and its lasted  all day without fading.  I love the fact that it contains an SPF 20.  

Photochromatic pigments reflect light to make skin look luminous– always a good thing!

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